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Holy Ranger Lyrics

From the album entitled “Navigator” By MVM

I went down to the crossroads but found a signal light
Seems lots of folks been there not to my delight
It was easy to borrow a guitar and to play a tune
Nobody was listening talking to the moon

Where is Snaker Ray? You knew I’d find him here
He must be in heaven Playing angels for their beer

Snaker took the dirt trail not the paved crossroads
His voice is the breath that carries blues loads
He still lives before me his voice and guitar
He don’t hitch no ride he rides in a wide white car

Where is Snaker Ray? I do find him here
He must be in heaven Playing angels for their beer

The devil likes to hear even at noon
It reminds him of a fallen tune
How he may have the chance to have a little dance
So many think they do it so many cannot prance

The way Snaker Ray Did so well
And there’s an empty chair in my room But an emptier one in hell

Notes: Background vocals not included; some word changes occurred during “Navigator” live performance/recording and these supersede original text herein (taken directly from Martin Jack Rosenblum’s recording notebook/log for 12 February 2003 Recording Session). All Words and Music Copyright 2003 by Martin Jack Rosenblum.

This song is highlighted on the official Koerner, Ray and Glover Discography Website as it is a tribute to the late Dave “Snaker “ Ray. Essentially, on “Navigator” Victor DeLorenzo plays drums and Malachi DeLorenzo does the vocal; Martin Jack Rosenblum plays slide guitar. Complete recording details are on the liner notes for the MVM album.

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