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Graham Greene Quiz:

So, you've read a few Graham Greene novels...how well can you keep them apart in your head?

1. The Human Factor is set in which country?

South Africa

2. When asked if he/she believes in Catholicism, who replied "Credo in unum Satanum"?

Padre Jose
Pinkie Brown
Sarah Miles
Henry Scobie

3. Why did Wormold ask Captain Segurra to play a game of draughts with miniature whisky bottles?

to get Segurra drunk and steal his gun and papers
to get Segurra drunk so that his daughter could flee Cuba
to get Segurra drunk and kill him
to get Segurra to confess to killing Dr. Hasselbacher

4. When The Comedians was published, which political leader attacked Greene with his own booklet Graham Greene: Finally Exposed?

Papa Doc Duvalier
Baby Doc Duvalier
General Omar Torrijos
Fidel Castro

5. Which novel states that it is "a record of hate rather than love"?

A Burnt-Out Case
The End of the Affair
The Human Factor
The Heart of the Matter

6. Why did D. go to England in The Confidential Agent?

to kidnap the American ambassador
to find the mole in the MI5
to obtain coal for his country
to escape religious persecution

7. What did Anna Hilfe most want Arthur Rowe not to discover?

that her brother was responsible for his amnesia
that she helped to lure him to Regal Court
that Mr. Cost was actually alive
that he was a murderer

8. Who said: "I've come to the end of desire and to the end of a vocation?"

Dr. Eduardo Plarr
Henri Brown
Henry Pulling

9. Which of the following was not an alias of the agent who hired Raven to kill the Minister of War?


10. Why did Quin Savory board the Orient Express?

to go on a fact-finding mission for his next novel
to accompany his aunt Augusta on her trip
he was recruited by the Secret Service
to find Harry Lime

8-10 correct: You are doing a PhD. dissertation on Greene.
5-7 correct: Not bad! You can start thinking about a term paper on Greene...
2-4 correct: You just watched The Third Man and The Comedians...
0-1 correct: You thought this website was about the actor in Dances with Wolves, didn't you?

Melody Yiu
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