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Homepage of the Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies:

The Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies was established at the Faculty of Philosophy of St. Petersburg State University in November 30th, 1998. Its main task to realize research and educational programs in the field of Oriental Studies, such as history of Eastern philosophies and religions, culture of the Eastern peoples and its theoretical interpretations, hermeneutical problems of the Eastern philosophical texts, political studies, etc. One of the main aims of the Department is to overcome traditions of one sided “Westernism” and Eurocentrism in philosophical education in Russia.

Now the staff of the Department consists of five persons:

    1. Professor Evgeny Torchinov (chair) – Chinese religions, Daoist (Taoist) and Buddhist studies, studies in comparative religions.

    2. Professor Igor Tantlevskiy – Biblical studies, Qumran studies, culture of ancient Palestine.

    3. Associate Professor Kirill Solonin – Chinese and Buddhist Studies, history of Buddhism in the Tangut state of Xixia.

    4. Associate Professor Tigran Tumanian – studies in the history of Islam, contemporary political situation in the Near East, culture of the Near East.

    5. Assistant Professor Vladimir Emelyanov – Ancient East and Shumer studies, culture of the ancient East (Mesopotamia, Egypt, Hellenistic word), philosophy and theology of Islam.

The Department of Oriental Philosophy and Cultural Studies has close connections and cooperation with the Russian Academy of Sciences. Now two professors from St. Petersburg branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies of RAS give their lectures to the students of the Department: Marina Kravtsova (studies in Chinese culture) and Andrei Paribok (philosophical teachings and religious beliefs of India).

In 1999/2000 the Department began to realize educational program in Chinese culture for the students in cultural studies. In 2000/2001 there will begin specialization in the field of Near Eastern cultures and in 2001/2002 – in Indian and Tibetan cultures.

Staff of the Department (professors and graduates) constantly participate in research seminar “The East: Philosophy, Religion and Culture”.

Members of the Department published a number of monographs dedicated to different problems of the history of philosophical trends and religions of the East.