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1998 Confederation Report - Please note that this was scanned and converted into text. There may be some errors but the report is readable.

Goals and Purpose of the Confederation

The Confederation of Clubs goals are to unite clubs through interaction and focus on actions to protect our lifestyle. Information is collected on discrimination and harassment, practices and policies of local businesses, government, and law enforcement agencies. By collecting and organizing information and utilizing the judicial system, we can eliminate instances and policies which infringe on our rights as free citizens to enjoy our lifestyle.

Through cooperation, the spirit of unity between once unfriendly motorcycle clubs has begun to flourish. In many Confederations, a liaison from state motorcycle rights organizations can disseminate legislative information directly to club representatives. This has proven to increase club participation in matters which seek to protect our lifestyle through existing legislative systems.

Ride Free
Skip Gravatt
Texas Confederation of Clubs 

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