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High City

For those of you who might have some interest in the ending of this story, I apologize because I don't think I will be finishing it in kamishibai form. I feel I would have to completly overhaul it to do that. That being said I CAN offer you a verbal completion of the story right here on this page. If you don't want to know STOP READING NOW!!!!

As Angela and Marc headed back to her lab Angela was forced to dispatch the demon that hunted them on the train. Once in the lower city, both were suprised to find it substantially more demon-free then they would have expected, in fact, from the looks of it, the majority of the creatures were crawling out of the high city.

According to the computer in her lab many critical files had been uploaded by her co-researcher to the High City... Also, According to Angela's machine, the only transports that occured were hers and the chimpanzee's. Angela's invention, the IMTS, was not responsible for the invasion. The real creators of all the trouble were the inhabitants of the High City. Racing to finish their version of the IMTS before Angela, their creation was far less stable then Angela's.

In Marc's future, the creatures were accepted as biblical demon's. This was due to the explanation of the Royal Family who were devoutly religious. They were infact aliens that inhabit the dimension that the IMTS and the Royal family's model puches through. The creatures that Angela made contact with in the IMTS stream were a second race of aliens. They are at war with the vicious aliens that have been attacking. They agree to remove the creatures from Earth provided that Angela destroy the IMTS technology.

By altering the future. Marc dissapears. The time police, which Marc was, never existed. Angela continues on, helping to clean up what in time will be known as a contained incident which devastated High City.