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Success!  Those of us who were involved in planning the reunion were pleasantly surprised with the turnout.  After planning for two years we were very happy (and relieved) to see so many of you show up.  Thanks for all your help- donations, food, pictures, stuff for the kids, etc.  But thanks most of all for coming out to share your memories.

Kids, kids everywhere!  Probably one of my favorite things about our reunion was seeing all the kids.  Its hard to believe that most of us have kids (and a few more on the way!) and it was so much fun watching them run around all day.  Most of them looked so much like their parents (Thomas!) that we couldn't help but be reminded of when we were kids.  I believe Alma won the award for most kids with four, but Jeb, Steve, and Tony were a close second with three each.  At any given time there were close to twenty kids running around.  With our class motto being "We have sex, we have fun, we're the class of '91!" I can understand why. 

Wall of Fame.  Thanks to everyone for bringing photos to put on display.  They were hung on the wall of our cabin and were great for bringing back old memories: prom, senior parties, band, skinny dipping, first loves, our clunker cars, and old friends we miss dearly.  The cabin was also decorated with old mums, football ribbons, and a megaphone which really made graduation seem like it was just yesterday.  (All it takes is a quick look at our pictures to bring back reality!) 

Time Capsule.  Many photos and mementos were left behind in the time capsule, including: photos of Jason and Bonnie, old class photos, personal family photos, a makeshift "shot glass" from the night's festivities, the "Luv" sign and money jar from Shawna's Chevy, a lunch ticket, music to our Fight Song and School Song, and Sr. Prom, graduation and homecoming memorabilia.  If you have anything to add, please let us know! 

Limes anyone?  Not only did we talk about old memories but we were busy making new ones!  I know we will remember when Tony's new boat broke down, Shane dragging his very pregnant (due any day now) girlfriend all the way from Mississippi (he got the award for traveling the farthest), Big Dan showing up and being mistaken as a guy looking for food, sewer water and the surprise sprinklers, Hurricane Andria (little Alma) stealing all the food, Lime Lady and the carpet cleaner (who donced burnt all the hair off her dog), drinking tequila and looking for the cops, learning that some of us aren't as innocent as we once thought.....

More stories and photos coming soon! 
Group Photos  |  Kid Photos  |  Family Photos

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    Updated  23June01

    Thank you Shawna and Angela for all your hard work! 

    Roll Call:
    Alma Archer
    Clint Cantwell 
    Mikey Chavez 
    Vance Chesnut
    Steve Crew 
    Daniel Flowers 
    Shane Howeth 
    Jeb Hudson 
    Heather Middleton 
    Tony Miller
    Angela Nanny 
    Barbara Porter
    Many Shayesteh 
    Shawna Slaughter 
    Jennifer Stroup 
    Mike Thompson
    Stacy Vann
    Ginger Walton
    Chris Washington