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The Shop Area
The Shop Area - heavy equipment
Photo by: Joe Menno
From left to Right: Welding Shop---Special Equipment Shop ---Tire Shop---C&I Shop ---the real building on the right is Heavy Equipment Shop
Ron Hyatt (9-15-07)
There was a parts supply room in there somewhere as I remember. You can't see them in this pic but across the road behind the weld shop was a tank farm for 130 octane av gas. One weekend night one of them overflowed as it was being filled from a tanker offshore. There was av gas running all over the place. I was bunking in the quonset right behind the shop office then and the fumes were really strong. Got the hell out of there quick.
Geo Hickok (10-6-07)
Parts Room is/was in between the real building on the left and the first Quonset hut which is Special Equipment. In fact, on close inspection I can just see the end of "Parts" room Quonset. The near Quonset is the tire shop. C & I is in the gable roof building. The next is the corner of Heavy Equipment. Ron Hyatt (23 Oct 07)
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