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Technical Sergeant Hendricks - heavy equipment
Technical Sergeant Hendricks - heavy equipment
Photo by: Joe Menno
I recall this man but did not have much to to do with him. Note the "paint cans" barrack are in for some updating.
Ron Hyatt (10-5-07)
T/Sgt Hendricks spent 4 years in the Death March on Bataan & to this day I cannot understand why they sent him back to the Far East. Drank a lot on pay days just to try & clear the memories from his mind. Great guy & a great boss.
Joe Menno (22 Oct 07)
I'd love to know more about his experience on Bataan.
Mick McClary (22 Oct 07)
Mick, Unfortunately Hendricks would not talk about it at all. He did show me a picture of his wife who was really beautiful, & believe it or not she was the daughter of the Chief of Staff( I believe it was Gen. Clark ) of the Air Force at that time. I remember asking him why he didn't have him transferred out of the Far East, he said he didn't want any favors.
As I said, he was one hell of a guy.
Joe Menno (23 Oct 07)
I remember the sarge, but thought he was a Master Sgt. At the time I was there 52-54 he was still walking with quite a limp. After what he went through, I would have been drinking a bit too. Every time I see some of these old WW2 movies I think of him. Thanks for this reminder. I can't find any of mine but will keep looking.
Ward Colbree (10-24-07) 9th A.V.R.S. vehicle maintenance
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