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9th AVRS Field Maintenance shop, 1950
9th AVRS Field Maintenance shop, 1950
photo: George Hickok
If my memory is working this was the in/out inspection station next to the "Highway" going past the 9th.
Ron Hyatt (9-14-07)
You are right Ron. This was my "office". I was an inspector for a long time. MSGT Medford and Capt. Galloway had offices there also.
Geo. Hickok (17 Oct 07)
This was taken just after I arrived,Sept. 1950. The chain link security fence had not been built yet. Also, the steel I-beam barrier had not been placed next to the quonset yet. It was needed to keep vehicles from ramming the building, usually after brake jobs were done.
George Hickok. (May 17, 09)
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