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View of Yaka Beach
View of Yaka Beach
photo: George Hickok
[Here] is a postcard photo of Yaka Beach Rest Center at Ishigaki, Okinawa.
Click your browser's "BACK" button to return to this page after viewing the postcard. It's not dated but I'd guess mid-to-late 1960's vintage.
Mick McClary, Dec 15, 07
I spent a couple of days R and R at Yaka Beach, and I don't remember it being anything like that post card. I remember that they set it up pretty nice. The rooms were like hotel rooms. They had a bar, and even had slot machines. The mess hall was like a restaurant, and we were served chow by young waitresses. They tried to make it as stateside looking as possible.
Lou Amari, Dec 16, 07
Very similar services were provided at Okuma R&R Center up above the Motobu Peninsula. I still have a couple of caps from Hermit's Hole, their on-site pub where a guy could grab a beer and play the slots.
Mick McClary, Dec 16, 07
You guys must have had it made!!!! My first R&R there the buildings looked like they hadn't been painted in years, as you can see in the picture Yaka Beach Apartments in our site. The rooms were neat & clean, but the complex looked like a run down motel!!
Joe Menno, 12 Dec 07
I was stationed at Camp Hansen in 71/72. We would spend time on the beach and had our unit's Christmas party there. We could hang out drink and hangout without feeling we were on base.
Frank Bragg, 8 Feb 14
I spent two years at Yaka Beach as part of the staff. I was there from 1955 to 1958. We tried to keep it as upbeat as possible for all the soldiers coming in. Almost everyone I spoke to enjoyed the place. I feel proud of the service we provided. It was a way for the Gi's to enjoy themselves. We offered miniature golf, small sailboats, glass bottom boat, waterskiing, the bar, the restaurant and the beach - plus other things.
Bob Merwin, Nov 14, 2014
Warren, Mass.
I went on R&R from Nam to Yaka Beach in either December 67 or January 68 mainly to get my sea bag from Camp Schwab to help avoid any delays going back to The World in February 68. When I went to Nam in November 66 Marines stopped at Okinawa and left their sea bags at Camp Schwab. I was stationed at Camp Schwab in 60/61 but never went to Yaka Beach then, but really enjoyed it on R&R.
Mike Woodson, 8 Aug 2018
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