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This page is to express my thanks and give credit to those who have helped me to make this site possible by providing their family records, photographs, stories and more.

Antonina (Lena) Tripolino McKendree - my Nana - for starting the quest for our roots. She made a trip to Contessa in 1975, and although she made few notes, she took photos, and they are included in this site. Although she has passed, I'm sure she's here in spirit. Love you, Nani.

Willie B. McKendree, Jr. - my Grandaddy - has also passed on, but he was my biggest fan and supported my endeavor to find our Sicilian roots. After my Nana died, he found and sent me everything she had relating to our heritage. Love you, Grindad.

Mike Giovingo - one of my first newly-discovered "Internet Cousins." Mike generously provided photos of our Romano family members from his mother's collection. He has also been a source of support during my genealogical search. Thanks Mike!

Lisa Cotton - a member of RAGK (Random Act of Genealogical Kindness), Lisa took the time to search through records at the New Orleans' library and then sent all she found to me. The Contessa Entellina Society pamphlet and the article entitled Sons of Contessa Entellina were among the items she is credited with sending. Thanks so much, Lisa!

Jovanna Romano Williams - the second 'cousin' I discovered via the Internet. Jovanna invited me to stay at her home in Tampa during my trip down to research. She fed me, drove me around, plodded through cemetaries with me, and put up with me in general for 3 days! What a sweetheart.

David Zerga - provided me form letters to send to Contessa for information, and translated them when I got a response. His help was invaluable to me. Thanks, David.

Aunt Lena Romano Leto - provided many of the pictures on this site. When I went to Tampa to do research, she had us over for lunch, and went through all of her old pictures. Many of them, she freely gave to me, and some I copied and returned. Thanks, Aunt Lena, for the treasures!

Jeanette Tamborello - my latest Internet Genealogy-addicted buddy! Jeanette has searched records and interviewed people for our Tripolinos and Romanos.. and she's not even related! Her family is from Ybor, and we have 12th Avenue in common. I can't wait to go back to Tampa and meet her in person. Thanks so much, Jeanette!

I realize that my quest for family history will never end,
and know that there are cousins still out there to meet.
Hence, this page will always be "under construction."
- A.P.

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