Below is our history with the top being the newest and lower the oldest...

January 18, 2004
*Gold speaking* Well I am almost done school and I am about to embark upon a new job. The site clean up is progressing nicely, and some major updates may be on the horizon.

October **, 2003
Gold has gone back to school.
Blue has been working in sales.
The winter months will be a fine time to finish the 'clean up'
of this site; getting the bugs and little cobwebs out of the corners.

July 06, 2003
Our jobs during the summer have so far been rough but
interesting and rewarding.
Temperatures are almost always lingering in the 30's (Celceus)
during the day. o_0

April 05, 2003
Well, we have definatly had changes in our lives.
Gold and Blue moved to a nice apartment and didn't fight over any treasure-space!
Jobs have been hard but been paying well. Classes have been easier but Internet time has been lacking :*(

Thanks to the great emails filled with questions and compliments along the way.
We will still be maintaining this wonderful site but won't make any dragon-sized changes until the summer when jobs and classes allow us to.

December 13, 2002

Friday the Thirteenth! Such a lucky day!
(No, seriously! Many people 'take-in' bad luck on this day, so there is massive
amounts of good luck floating around!)

December 01, 2002

Updating and looking for that little typo demon again
(seeing if he has changed anything) :)

November 20, 2002

Changes are being made, as well, we are deciding if we should be
using frames for this site.

Loading pictures, fixing pages, and moving some things about.

October 25, 2002

Blue has been sad because she will have to work for Halloween even though she
had it scheduled as her day off (twice).
She decided to write a poem about it.
You can find it Here

October 21, 2002
We appologize for the lack of updating this month.
The end of the year has been quite crazy for us.
Blue has been working full-time hours and Gold has been working hard at school.

Plus other events have kept us away,
such as the loss of a friend/co-worker for Blue and other circumstances that
we were not prepared for.

We will be updating and watching over the site for now but we will not be adding
much more content until we can devote a bit more time to it.
We thank you for your patience and understanding.

September 13, 2002
No real big changes. Blue's page is updated. Any broken links being fixed,
same with graphics....watching for typo-demons ;)

August 24, 2002
Elven links added. Blue's pages updated again :)

August 21, 2002
More links added + Blue's page has been updated.

August 19, 2002
The Frequently Asked Question page has been re-designed.
We hope this will make it a lot easier to read.

August 16, 2002
Blue's Page is updated and more content has been added.

August 11, 2002
Imood has returned and is as good as ever.
Luckily imood.com only had a hiccup :P
Not many big changes have happened in this site lately; we've been sneaking
behind the scenes adding little things and cleaning up some broken links
*smiles* and the occasional spelling mistake *blue blushes*
Thank you for visiting our site and helping us with your comments and questions.

August 09, 2002
Imood.com has currently vanished and so some of our links to them are not working
We will wait it out for a few days and then change our links if they haven't
fixed whatever problem they are experiencing. *frowns*
Is a neat site too :*(

July 31, 2002
Note: A couple new graphics have been put in, along with some quotes on Gold's
page and an imood smiley as well.
What's an imood? Check out Gold's or Blue's page on the bottom.
They will have a little area where their favorite/personal quote is and at the end
there will be a little face that will explain how they are feeling that day(click on it).
It usually includes a comment or two.

We aquired these at imood.com, they are pretty simple to use and fun to have around.

July 30, 2002
Ok, we have a few more things set up:

* More Art added (again)

* Blue has added some news headlines on her page.

* Tell-a-friend page (you will find it in 'Links')

....and that's about it for today, thanks for reading!

July 26, 2002
Notes: A few tabs have changed; we hope it will now be easier for
you to find your way around the site.
More pictures have also been added.

July 25, 2002
We have also created a 'Spreading Glamour' page in the 'Creative' section.
We have some suggestions there but would love to include more.
If you would like to add your suggestions,
please email Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca and put "Glamour Suggestions"
in the subject box.
And thanks again to those that have mailed us their suggestions.

Also....More otherkin links have been added, especially faerie links.

July 24, 2002
We have added a whole new section called 'Creative'.
It is up in running but we still have to finish typing out some of the content.
You can access it now by clicking on the Artwork tab to your left,
until we can replace it with its own tab.
You can access the art page but now only through the Creative section.
It contains poetry pages, quotes, and thoughts about Otherkinness.
Working on more though, any suggestions?
Oh, and continuing on with the art page: There are new drawings there.
Thanks for reading.

July 21, 2002
Currently our drawing board contains ideas for an essay page and quote/poem page(s).
If anyone would like to send their stories on how they found out they were kin,
how being otherkin has its ups/downs, any kin poems, and any other ideas,
please email us at Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca.
We will look over every letter and reply to each one-we promise-.
To avoid confusion, we ask if you could please put 'Essay' in the subject box
-even if it's a poem or quote- :)

July 19, 2002
Blue: I have updated my page ( Blue ) and added a little 'scroll-screen'(whatever do you
call it?) that will include a quote (which will change every little while) and at the end of it
is a little smiley-face that will show my current mood and a clip of what's currently
going on in my life.-brief-

July 18, 2002
Site update: There are some new polls at the bottom of this page, feel free to check them
out -they are set to random when you reload the page- The sidebar has changed as well.
We are also lurking around the inside of the site and we are cleaning up bits of text;
trying to make the pages easier for everyone to read and understand.

July 16, 2002
We have added new information in the Library concerning Physical Shifting.
Gold has updated his page and you can see it by clicking here ,
or clicking the tab on the left that says 'Gold'.

July 9, 2002
Welcome! Today is our one year aniversary!

July 5, 2002
**Blue**We have been slowly adding bits and pieces to this site since
the beginning of the year.
School is out for the summer *yay* and more content is being added as
we type this!
You may notice some big changes here as we begin to design and test
out COLORS...please don't be alarmed, we will try to keep
our colorful pages and links working! It should be under construction
for at least 2 weeks but you can
still look around....enjoy the -color- show!! *smiles*

February 12, 2002
Hi again!*blue typing* We haven't been able to update the site in a while (at least what you can see).Blues time on the net has been cut off severly and Gold is working on a lot of school projects...*sighs* Thanks for emailing us about our lack of updating but please don't put it in the guestbook...please email us at: Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca instead.
Please be patient. More info and graphics will be up as soon. Thank you.

*Gold types* Hi, its 2002 I hope this will be a good year for you all. We are still working on this site and will hopefully be putting some more matterial soon. So keep checking in.

November 25, 2001
We have a new page up and finished today! It's our Frequently asked questions page and although it is in it's beginning state, has quite a lot of info so far. Blue set it up last night and in the process, lost her page :/ She says it gives her a challenge in explaining herself better. We do enjoy recieving emails from people and if anyone has more questions, please feel free to email them to us at: Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca .
Thanks for your support!

*blue types*And congradulations to my Internet brother Paw, for being the 100th visitor to our site!*hugs Paw*

November 23, 2001
The counter is almost at 100! We are very happy that we have so many visitors (we count visits, not 'hits'), and we hope for lots more! Thank you for visiting, we appreciate your comments and suggestions also.

November 18, 2001
*Blue types* We have art on our artwork page now, although we are still setting our drawings up.

We've been considering adding a poetry page to our site, if anyone wants to email us about putting their poetry on our site go ahead @ Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca , we will read it and reply asap.

Gold is still tinkering with his xbox, and is getting frustrated; something about his little nephew coming over and creating certain 'files'? that can't be erased(causing havoc).

oh well, *grins* that's what nephews (and siblings) are for!

If anyone would like us to email them when we have major changes here, just contact us and we will put you on our list.

We have caught the little goblin that was reaking havoc on our banners page. It was way too cute to kick out so we made it promise not to play tricks with the big things on our site but it is free move around and to cause small typo's and the like ;)
As of yet, it has no name.

November 16, 2001
*Blue Coughs*
Err...I really don't like winter.
The Xbox came out yesterday (Gold got one)and I think Gold won't mind if I use his computer time also to fix up our site:P
Wow, from what I've seen, the Xbox can practically do anything! *wonders if it can cook dinner*
Anyways, we are still working on our art page and we have found evidence of a goblin lurking somewhere on our banners page...It has escaped us so far.....

October 28, 2001
Halloween is coming so we added some graphics.
*blue types* "I love the eyes blinking!"
In November, we expect to have our art page finished. One of Blue's paintings will have to be copied and made smaller since it is way too big to be put on a scanner.
(urg, need to go to a 'copy store')
Expect draconic art and other-worlds and creatures.

October 4&5, 2001
We have our site ring up and running now. We have added some banners made some neat buttons, and are experimenting with colors/designs (email us if you really like/hate one eh? :P ).
Have a look around...

September 30, 2001
The 'were' page has been renamed to 'Library' and now has a lot more information on it. We would like to add more to our library so if anyone has anymore definitions please email them to us @ Wingedwatchers@yahoo.ca Thanks for your patience!!!

September 28 & 29, 2001
Ok, here's the spoilers.
We are setting up some beautiful draconic (and other) artwork and should have it up soon.

We may have a site ring started within the month of October but we don't want to rush things too fast :P
*blue typing* I will have some of my stuff up soon, this includes my artwork, my poetry and tons of other stuff!*giggles*
In the meantime, feel free to sign your name in our guestbook, and try out our poll!
Psst...the poll questions will change from time to time, so you gotta keep an eye on it:P
We have a short 'dictionary' up for shifting and stuff, it is currently under 'were'.
We will add more to it soon and that is our promise!

September 16, 2001
*Blue typing* I added a bit more to my page and we got Golds up and running (check out Gold). I have been planning on adding some more GIF's to our site but so far...no real good ones yet :/
I made a legal page :/ hey, it had to be done so there it is. We added a counter and guestbook today! Keep checking in..
We will have lots more...we're getting ready to put in some of our main subjects soon, just a bit more editing to go!
Oh, and thanks for your patience.

July 13, 2001
There's a page for Urytevaera (seeBlue) that has been set up and more will be added.

July 9, 2001
Day one! we don't have much yet so please be patient with us.This is our very first site together!

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