About Me

ello fellow travelers, my name is Gold..

Name: I really have yet to think of one, but Gold does suffice for now.  Sometimes I am called "The Tinkerers Son".
Age: 20's
Sex: Male
Race: For Sure; Human, Dragon.  A few other possibilities
Homeland: Human = Canada; Dragon = unknown
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire

Favorite time of day: 1 pm until mid-night
Favorite place to be: In a beautiful mountain valley, with a lush forest, a babbling brook, and majestic peaks rising above.
Favorite color: Well, um, gold, but I don't over do it.
Favorite food: Salsa.  If you say that is not a food well : P
Favorite Ice Cream: Banana Chocolate Fudge (It kind of matches my coloration)
Favorite Fruits: Mangos, Dragon fruit (I know it is corny), and good old fashioned Oranges.

Most hated place to be: In gridlock traffic.
What I absolutely hate the most: Discrimination (I must admit I am sometime guilty of this myself)
What I absolutely love the most: A really involving and fun Game (Any type, but mostly Video/Computer Games)

Religion: Finding my own Path.

Human Appearance
Height and weight: Tall - 6'4", and well built at 200 lbs.
Hair: Brown.
Eyes: Grey, green, brown and even some orange around the pupil.

Draconic Appearance
I am a semi Western style Dragon (you know, four legs two wings and a tail) but with a few distinct differences.  One, I am able to shift between walking on all four legs and an upright stance.  And I have opposable thumbs, I really don't know how it works when I am on all fours, but upright I can use items like clubs and swords.  I have black stripes on my wings.  I also have floppy black spikes on the back of my head and neck, that stiffen when I am angry or ready to fight. My tail ends with powerful pincer-like blades that I can manipulate without conscious thought.  My wings are very large and strong, each have two small but useful fingers.  As for my face I have sharp features, fanning ears and jet black eyes.  This description does not do me justice and I have put a rough drawing of my draconic form up on this site on the art page.   My claws and teeth are black not unlike the plates on my back.
I am about 120 feet long about half of that is my tail.
I have an impressive 200 feet plus wingspan.
Shining gold scales cover my body with large black interlocking plates along my back starting at my shoulders and ending at my tail pincers.
Eyes: Solid pupil.  I do not need to focus in on any one thing, every thing my eyes have line of sight with is in focus.  I also have secondary eyelids that are not unlike sun black glasses, they protect my eyes, from bright light and are strong enough to repel damage.
Combat: Now despite the current D & D idea that Golden Dragons have two 'Breath Weapons'  One fire and another of gas. I have only one 'Breath Weapons' that can be used in two ways one a cone of super hot Plasma Energy and the other is 'spiting' a charged up plasma pulse that detonates on impact.  I fight very well, not just relying on the classic claws and bite system, I use what almost seems to be a Draconic Martial Art.  Utilizing kicks, sweeps, punching with my wings (allot like Goro from Mortal Kombat, using my strong wings like arms), and slicing and grabbing with my pincer.
Draconic Communication:  I can communicate verbally with growls, roars, grunts, hisses, very low frequency grumbles like elephants and whales (below the normal human hearing range).  But I can also communicate in human languages.   But I also can communicate my feeling and pick up others empathically.

Gold is currently feeling: The current mood of Gold_Dragon at www.imood.com

That is it for now, but I will put up some other interesting materials, not just otherkin related. So be sure to check in and check it out.

****************My 'Class'****************

Blue showed me this 'test' and here are my results:

Take the "How Do You Use Magic?" test! Written by Brimo

:)           Here are my quotes:.................................."To do what has to be done"...................................................................."Oh that's right, you people still believe in the laws of physics"................................................................."Beat me if you can, SURVIVE if I let you"..........................................

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