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"G.E.E.K. of the Week" WebQuest:


Find your GEEK's name below and click on it to find information and pictures!

Mary Anning Neil Armstrong Clara Barton Florence Bascom Wendell Belfield
Alexander Graham Bell June Bacon-Bercey George Washington Carver Nicholas Copernicus

Marie Curie

George Eastman Thomas Edison Albert Einstein Enrico Fermi Benjamin Franklin
Galileo Galilei Stephen Hawking Mae Jemison Lewis Latimer Wangari Maathai
Margaret Mead Samuel Morse Sir Isaac Newton I.M. Pei Ellen Swallow Richards
Sally Ride Jonas Salk James Watson Granville T. Woods Orville & Wilbur Wright


Want a challenge?  You can also search the world's largest online list of biographies by clicking !

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