To touch the tips of inculcated desire and brush the fettered veil away ... shut down, in the depths I lay.
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  • Gig Diary
    An obsessive listing of most of the shows that I Attended in the late 70's and early 80's.

    • Part 1: Introduction, 1979:   Dickies, Mechanics, Rhino 39, 999, Kingbees, Plugz, Flyboys, X, Big Wow, Weirdos, Crowd, Geza X, Ramones, Suburban Lawns, Angry Samoans, Adolescents, Eddie and the Subtitles, and others.
    • Part 2: 1980 & 1981:   Agent Orange, Plugz, Jimmy & the Mustangs, Middle Class, PIL, Kipper Kids, Top Jimmy & the Rhythm Pigs, Blasters, Alley Cats, Wall of Voodoo, Rebel Rockers, Kommunity FK, Brainiacs, 88s, Nu-Beams, the Cramps, and others.
    • Part 3: 1982:   Plugz, The Brat, FEAR, Shattered Faith, Ray Campi, Red Devils, Levi Dexter, Ronnie Mack, Middle Class, Salvation Army, Psycho Bud, R.E.M., Untouchables, 45 Grave, Twisted Roots, Dream Syndicate, Legal Weapon, Lucky Strike, T.S.O.L., D.I., The Vandals, The Kingbees, The Road Runners, The Dickies, Confederate, and others.
    • Part 4: 1982 (continued)   T.S.O.L., Bad Religion, Hellations, Social Distortion, the Mentors, Shattered Faith, The Vandals, Eddie & the Subtitles, PiL, Savage Republic, D.I., Confederate, Chequered Past, Tazers, Mau Maus, Jody Foster's Army, Angry Samoans, Aggression, Hated, the Brat, Circle Jerks, Skoundrelz, Rikk Agnew, Minutemen, CH3, Battalion of Saints, Red Brigade, 45 Grave, Suicidal Tendencies, Shattered Faith, Youth Brigade, Wasted Youth, Seven Seconds, Crude and others.
      Updated 7/15/01

  • Art the Barber     New 2/25/01
    A Story about a grouchy barber, who cut my hair when I was a Kid.

  • Weird Japanese Toilets     New 2/25/01
    In Japan, even the toilets are different.

  • The Last Time I Punched Somebody
    October 8, 1982 ... it needed doing.

  • Zombie Woman Goes to the Beach
    Not a punk tale, a story about a weird hippy hobo.


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