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A Little about The Hounds oh and the handlers.




Van Zandt County BloodHound Team.

Is a Nonprofit, All Volunteer Organization Formed In 1973. All Eight Dogs Have  Been Donated To the Team. Our Team Consist of 35 Handlers, and Three Active Board Members. All Dogs Are Able to Provide Assistance in Law Enforcement, Hunting for Fugitives, Missing Children, Runways And the Elderly in Nursing Homes. All Dogs Must Go through a Rigid Evaluation Standards in Order to Stay a Certified Blood Hound in Our Organization. Both Handlers and Dogs Must Proved Their Proficiency As Well As Pass Certification Test on a Variety of Realistic Search Problems. Written Statements Are Available upon Request.

  • Our Team Members Go through Extensive Training in Land Navigation, Radio Communications, Wilderness Survival, Crime Search Preservation, the Incident Command System, Group Search Techniques and Search Organization.
  • All V.Z.C.B.T Dogs Are Trained in Obedience Air Scent Work and One or More of the Following Specialties: tracking, trailing, article or clue detection and Cadaver Detection.

Our Mission

  • Rapid Response--Certified Search Teams Are Prepared to Respond within 15 Minutes of  Call out.
  • 24-Hour Availability--Dog Teams Are Trained to Work Day or Night.  As an Effective Night Search Resource, They Allow the Agency in Charge to Maintain the Search Effort around the Clock.
  • Effectiveness--Dogs Scent Capabilities Allow Teams to Locate People in Large Land Areas Of or in Water.
  • Mobility -- Teams Can Be Transported by Vehicle, Boats or Aircraft.
  • Well Equipped -- Each Member of the Team Carries a Portable Radio and Gear As May Be Required to Sustain the Team for 24 Hours.
  • No Cost  V.Z.C.B.T  Members Provide Their Services and Those of Their Dogs Free of Charge.  Donations Are Gratefully Accepted.

Company Profile

  • We Are a Nonprofit Organization, Which Was Founded in 1973.  Our goals are to aid law-enforcement offices in the areas of escaped fugitives, missing or runaway children, and nursing-home walkout.
  • The V.Z.C.B.T is an organization that prides itself on the many cases we have solved on missing children, and the ability to place a missing child back in the arms of loving family members.

Contact Information

Telephone 903-848-7912
Cell 903-880-5955
Fax 903-848-7912
Postal address:7007 V.Z.C.R. 2120,Rt.1 Wills Point, Tx 75169
E-mail:General Information: cwiley@vzinet.com

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