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The Conspiracy Series


  1.  Listen When The Heart Speaks  Stargate SG-1 (154kb)  August 2000

Jack does not accept the fact that Daniel has resigned from the SGC, but when the truth of his friend’s disappearance is known, it may be too much for the Colonel to bear. Can Jack help save Daniel from a fate worse than death or will he lose him to an enemy feared even by the Goa’uld?

  2.  Soldiers Follow Orders, But--  Stargate SG-1 (313kb)  October 2000

As SG-1 comes to terms with the events brought about by the conspiracy, the search continues for proof of General Thayer's participation.  Can the people who conspired to take over the SGC and murder the civilians be brought to justice before an even worse fate befalls Daniel Jackson?

  3.  A Permanent Condition  Stargate SG-1 (496kb)  April 2001

The conspiracy takes an odd turn as a new target is chosen for removal from the SGC. Can a stranger with a shadowy past be the hope SG-1 is searching for in their quest to root out the conspiracy before one of them falls?



The fourth story of the Conspiracy Series, Lines of Demarcation, is currently under construction. At the moment, it's stalled at 385kb, but I'm working on it when I can. Just to let folks know that there is a fourth story on it's way, here are the first three pages. Click here for a glimpse of what happened before, during and after that phone call.


Across The River Series - Reflections on the living by those who aren't.

  1.  Across The River - Kawalsky  Stargate SG-1 (17kb)  July 2001

  2.  Across The River - Rothman  Stargate SG-1 (18kb)  August 2001

  3.  Across The River - Sha'uri  Stargate SG-1 (14kb)  August 2001

  4.  Looking Across The River - Daniel  Stargate SG-1 (9kb)  August 2001

  5.  Down The River - Ra  Stargate SG-1 (22kb)  September 2001

  6.  Beyond The River - Claire Stargate SG-1 (21kb) November 2001

  7.  Beyond The River - Melbourne Stargate SG-1 (21kb) November 2001



Stand-Alone Stories

  1.  Simple Realizations  Stargate SG-1 (73kb)  January 2001

During a rescue, the team realizes facts they already knew

  2.  Results Of An Unexpected Cross Country Hike  Stargate SG-1 (33kb) November 2001

Jack's thoughts after Daniel's rescue from the Unas.  Episode tag for The First Ones.

  3.  Forever And Counting Stargate SG-1 (24kb) August 2002

Daniel's grieving after Sha'uri's funeral.

  4.  Help Wanted - Apply Within Stargate SG-1 (13kb) August 2002

A return to Kelowna prompts Jonas to make one adjustment and the universe to make another.

  5.  Just Desserts  Stargate SG-1 (19kb) August 2002

Never assume anything because you could be wrong.

  6.  The Power Of The @  Stargate SG-1 (15kb) November 2002

Never get an archaeologist angry with you, especially a smart one. Originally posted in the SG1HC Wolfcon Zine distributed at the convention in Europe.  You can download the entire fanzine at The Comfort Zone

  7.  And The Moral Is  Stargate SG-1 (7kb) July 2003

Shambda's reflections on the newest member of the village.  A Fallen tag.



  8.  The Battle Royal  Stargate SG-1 (304kb) July 2003   

Daniel returns to Abydos to find danger lurking around every corner. Political uprisings, uneasy alliances and an enemy from the past are only the beginning of the troubles he faces as he, Kasuf, Skaara, Hammond and all of SG-1 fight to survive.  Originally in the zine GATEWAY TO ETERNITY which can be found on

  9.  De Profundis  Stargate SG-1 (24kb) August 2003

Hammond has questions about Jack's ordeal.

10.  Seat Of Power   Stargate SG-1 (14kb) June 2004

Sequel to The Power Of The @: Jack thinks he has a way to get even with Daniel's practical joke in The Power Of The @.

11.  Here We Go Again  Stargate SG-1 (258kb) June 2004

While Daniel is still recovering from the near-fatal mission to Kelowna, Anubis attempts to destroy the Stargate with an Ancient's device. Can Jack, Daniel, Sam and Teal'c stop him before all life on Earth is gone? An AU version of “Redemption.”  Originally in the zine Splinters which can be found on

12.  Friday Nights   Stargate SG-1 (17kb) June 2004

Perhaps the Stargate Program isn't the only thing Wormhole Extreme paralleled.

13.  Rumors   Stargate SG-1 (81kb) July 2004

Sam's actions in Heroes Part 2 isn't seen the same way by everyone. After much discussion on several websites, this is one way that it's been looked at.

14.  Another Day At The "Office"   Stargate SG-1 (117kb) August 2004

It's Daniel's first mission after recovering from the naquadria radiation poisoning. Jack wanted the first mission the team was on to be easy, but since when does anything work right for our motley crew of intrepid explorers? An AU version of “Descent,” direct sequel to Here We Go Again.

15.  When You're Least Expecting It   Stargate SG-1 (46kb) November 2004

Jack, Sam and Teal'c find Daniel on the last place they would have looked --literally. This story was originally published in the zine Redemption 4 from Ashtonpress


16.  Death Shall Have No Dominion  Stargate SG-1 (370kb) April 2005   

Powerful forces are manipulating events to change history itself. Can Daniel and his family survive the onslaught or will they be destroyed? This story was originally published in the zine Destinations from Ashtonpress 

17.  Nondisclosure Agreement  Stargate SG-1 (32kb) June 2005

General Hammond finds an unexpected ally against Senator Kinsey. This story was originally published in the zine Redemption 5 from Ashtonpress

18.  Return To The Fold  Stargate SG-1 (141kb) October 2005

Daniel returns in a very unexpected location after making a choice that isn't a choice. An AU of Fallen. This story was originally published in the zine Ancient's Gate II: Raising The Gate from Ancient's Gate

19.  Moving On Up  Stargate SG-1 (41kb) February 2006

How Jack's promotion scene in New Order could and maybe should have played out. This story was originally published in the zine Ancient's Gate IV: Recognition from Ancient's Gate

20.  Walk A Mile In His Shoes  Stargate SG-1 (14kb) January 2008

Jack’s thoughts as Daniel returns home from being stranded off-world in the episode Icon. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, Gods and Men

21.  SG-1 Or Bust  Stargate SG-1 (32kb) January 2008

Sometimes, putting a team together is a team effort. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine Legends

22.  Fifteen Minutes From DC  Stargate SG-1 (28kb) January 2008

Sam discovers the art of moving on. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, Remember When

23.  Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This  Stargate SG-1 (11kb) January 2008

It's just one of those days... but Hammond loves days like that. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, No One Gets Left Behind

24.  Rhyme Or Reason  Stargate SG-1 (11kb) January 2008

Landry reflects on some of the surprises of taking command of the SGC. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, Shadows

25.  The Caduceus Circle  Stargate SG-1 (432kb) January 2009

Inspired by the legend of the Lost Battalion in WWI, Daniel leads a group os scientists on a 'peaceful' exploratory mission that goes tragically wrong. Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, An Ancients Gate Special: Tribute 1


26.  We Climbed So High -- Once NCIS November 2010

The team learns of Tony's secret past in Peoria when a killer he captured returns. Can they find the killer and protect Tony as their efforts are undermined by the FBI? Originally in the Ancient's Gate zine, Gear Up






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