08.09.99: If you have noticed I have had to take a break from the site for awhile. Lots of stuff going on in my personal life. I will get back to the swing of things when school starts up again. I was just awarded the Nealos Choice Award, which is new but quite an honor, and not easy to get. Nealos is very picky :). To check it out click here.

04.14.99: I included a pic of the interior of the queens ship click here to check it out.

04.13.99: The Martial Arts supplement has been updated, with new rules, and the long awaited difficulty numbers. More updates are on the way! :D Stats for The Queens Ship From TPM are now up, inspired by scans of the new TPM Incredible Cross-sections.

04.09.99 I updated the Stats for the N-1 Star Fighter from information from the TPM Incredible Cross-sections.

04.05.99 I changed the picture of the month, I couldn't do the pic of the week due to time constraints. A update on the Martial arts rules is coming, as well as other stuff. RL is just getting in the way. Oh I saw a good movie this weekend. Check out 'The Matrix' if you haven't. It made my top 5 list.

03.22.99: I just updated the picture of the week. I have some cool supplements on the way. The specific styles of martial arts is almost done. I am in the process of writing a detailed construction method for lightsabres, that is not based upon the optical model but rather a forcefield model. It will detail different construction methods, and properties of lightsabres. This supplement follows Canon, rather than 'Official' examples. This should be done with in 3 weeks. Email me if you have any input.

I am have also removed the separate low rez pages, keeping only the home page in order to better update the site. It was just too much work to have 2 copies of everything. It was taking up time that I would rather spend working on new supplements. There was also very little traffic on the low rez page.


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