Background: Scout Troopers are the eyes and ears of the Imperial ground forces. They pilot extremely fast and maneuverable speeder bikes to gather information on enemy movements. They are trained for survival in many environments and choose a survival pack to best prepare them for the area they are patrolling. They operate in groups of four called a 'lance' and their orders are usually to avoid combat and report on enemy positions. These units have much more autonomy than most other elite Imperial special forces
Notes: The Scout troopers helmet contains a computer link to the speeder bike to help interpret the immediate terrain. This gives +1D bonus to the speeder bike operation. The helmet also contains a holorecder capable of recording the entire mission for playback.
Scout Trooper Armor +2 physical, +2 energy
blaster pistol 4d
blaster rifle 5d
hold out blaster 3d+1
concussion grenades 5d/4d/3d/2d
stun grenades 5d stun damage
survival gear.
Aratech 74-z Military Speeder Bike stats below
DEX  3D+1 blaster 4d+2
brawling parry 4d+1
dodge 6d
thrown-weapon 5d
KNO  2D intimidation 4d survival 5d+1
PER  3D+2 hide 5d+2
search 5d+1

sneak 5d+2
MEC  4D repulsor lift operation 5d+2 
(s)speeder bike 6d+2
STR  3D brawling 3d+1
stamina 4d+1
TEC  2D+2 repulsor lift repair 4d+1
security 5d


Aratech 74-z Military Speeder Bike:
Aratech 74-z Military Speeder Bike
click here for speeder bike sounds


Military speeder bike
Scale: Speeder
Crew: 1

Passengers :

Cargo Capacity: 3 kilograms
Speed: 500 km/h
Maneuverability: 3d+2
Body Strength: 2d
Weapons: Laser Cannon Fire Control: 2d;
Damage: 3d
Flight Ceiling: 25 meters


1998-1999 Tevors Contacts: Star Wars RPG