H.E.M.P. Weapons utilize improved discharge capacitors, and small rapid firing barrels to produce a fire effect akin to that of an archaic shotgun blast. They were developed by the Kregnaugh Corporation shortly before the construction of the first Death Star. They were originally intended as an anti missile system. But the targeting computer and limited range and high power draw sunk the project. The research was stopped until recently. The design team saw another possibility, if they increased the power and decreased the fire rate, along with improving the firing capacitors, they could increase the range, and accuracy to make a defensive close support weapon. The targeting computer and the range limitations still make this unfeasible to use as an antimissile system however. The finished product, is a blaster cannon or ion cannon that has tremendous stopping power, improved hit probability, and short range. These weapons suit them selves well, to high speed attacks by snub fighters, and defensive applications against multiple attackers on larger ships. Due to the short range and high power consumption these are unsuitable to capitol scale applications.

     H.E.M.P. Weapons shoot out many small blasts of energy in a very short amount of time, a target is usually hit multiple times and incurs more damage than a hit with a standard weapon. The draw back is it's short range, and high power rate, and heavier weight. These are capable to be fire linked like any other weapon.


The design has proven effective, but has been rejected by the empire due to power and range considerations, but has become popular with free traders and small freighter corporations.

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