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Yippee! Rats will have a very lucky and prosperous year. You may even enjoy magnificent career prospects, especially if you were born in 1948 (there may be a promotion ahead). All Rats - especially female Rats - looks like they'll be able to overcome all obstacles and push their way through to fame and fortune. If you're a married female Rat, you'll really be able to help your husband in his job this year. You'll do even better if you ask for help from others. Rats do best when they're in a crowd.


WORK There will be many opportunities for you to outperform others and show your talent, especially If you were born in 1948. This is a lucky year career-wise for Rats born in 1960 as well. Everything will go according to plan, and your dreams will be fulfilled - if you put aside your pride to ask for the help of others and heed advice given to you. If you were born in 1984, your teachers may be amazed at your witty and clever remarks! Stay humble (especially male Rats) - no one wants to help an arrogant Rat!


MONEY The only down side to your year is your financial fortune. Because you are doing so well at work (and in love), you’ll be tempted to spend, spend, spend! Try to control this impulse think ahead and save for the future. Rats born in 1936 should keep your eyes on the budget, or risk financial loss. For Rats this year, short-term investments are more profitable than long-term ones.


HEALTH Any sustained illnesses will have a chance of recovery. Rats should watch what they eat and pay special care to the liver and kidneys, particularly those born in 1924 or 1972.


LOVE and FAMILY Married couples will enjoy a close and happy married life. Single Rats, especially those born in 1960 and 1972, will have lots of admirers - and the end of the year (near 2000) is a good time for you to get married. But don't rush - it's better to marry the right person later than to marry the wrong person sooner, but forever. If you were born in 1924, you may feel lonely sometimes. Don't be shy about being friendly to family and pals - they'll enjoy your company.


Compatible love partners : Ox, Dragon, Monkey

Not compatible in love : Horse

Compatible in business : Dragon, Ox