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This is a year of fortune for you. But there may still be a few tricky moments - particularly in relationships. Monkeys are always looking for new chances to shine, but be careful not to get too caught up with temporary success. Pride comes before a fall, so don't let your success get into your head. You need to stay sensible this year to do well. This is especially true for those born in 1980. You will do well in your studies, but avoid being too arrogant about your good grades.


WORK Try not to be reckless and make decisions on impulse. Think before you act, and learn to respond rather than react. If you're an employee, it's best to fulfill your duties well and avoid making risky moves. Those born in 1968 will have obstacles in business, so you must work hard to achieve your goals. Born in 1956? Moving or working in other cities will bring you success.


MONEY For those born in 1932, this is a year of good fortune. Investments you made sometime ago remain stable and profitable, but avoid engaging in risky business activities, or you may lose money. If you were born in 1944, your hard work will turn bad luck to good - but be careful of spending more than you have.


HEALTH Little Monkeys born in the year 1992 may encounter health problems. Generally , monkeys are highly emotional and will catch minor illnesses easily. Extra vitamin dosage will keep the germs at bay. Those born in 1944 may suffer from vexation and nervousness. Keep an open mind - donít let stress wear you down. If you were born in 1932, take a health exam to make sure your liver and lungs are working well.


LOVE and FAMILY Monkeys born in 1932 will be loved and respected by family. There may be troubled waters in love relationships for monkeys born in 1956. Married people may have arguments with partners over minor issues - especially if you were born in 1980 (try not to be arrogant during arguments, it may only make matters worse!). Singles should get out and enjoy lots of social activities. Don't let first impressions get in the way - look beneath the surface and you may find your perfect partner.


Compatible love partners : Rat, Dragon, Snake

Not compatible in love : Tiger

Compatible in business : Dragon