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LeĈ-th-er  St-ripThere once played a music in the background, now there is only a symphony for the dead. Klute, side project of Claus Larsen.

Long ago, when the world was young, and children were born stillborn.
At a time when we were nothing more then insects on this planet.
Those were the days when there played a music in the background,
but we all have changed, over the time spent lost in the bitter cold.
Now that we remain here, we can only sit and stare at the remainder
of what is left. This is what was left,
After the music in the background was destroyed,
all that we knew was the symphony for the dead...

Written by [[torn]]

Let them hate,
So long as they fear.


























Last updated 05.01.99. Mail your questions, and or wants to [[torn]] at , if you want graphixs then use the subject graphics, and so on. This was made while listening to Desert Storm, by Klute.
Leaether Strip and klute, are creations from the mind of Claus larsen.

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