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Leaether Strip

How this all came to be in existance.A text biography on the man that is Claus Larsen.Discography of Le∆ther Strip, and Klute albums, singles, compilation appearances.

Yes im Limited Vol.3 is out now go pick it up, its a two c.d. package.
Still need to know what the hell Le∆ther Strip is? Then check out the original FAQ on Claus and Le∆ther Strip.

I honestly feel as if already this is one of the best Le∆ther Strip web sites all around the net. You must consider that not many of the Le∆ther Strip web sites around, including the official one, are updated. If you look closely, none of them are ever updated which is sad to say. Now I suppose im the only one.

I am in no way affiliated with Claus Larsen, or cleopatra records. But please when signing the guestbook, sign something worthwhile that Claus himself could look upon with love/hatred?

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The musician who composes these two bands, has shaped music in various genres.