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Stories and Verse
Caveat lector!  If these attempts at fiction and poetry were any good, I would publish them somewhere that would pay for them!
Short Fiction
"Moskva 1995: Igor's Campaign" is the one work of fiction for which I have actually been paid.  It appeared in Mike Resnick's anthology, Alternate Worldcons and Again, Alternate Worldcons (WC Books, 1996), and Mike gave me, as I recall, fifty bucks for it.  He also suggested the idea: an alternative time line in which the 1995 World Science Fiction Convention (historically held in Glasgow) is hijacked by a Russian entrepreneur.
"Shadowloves" is the ultimate singles resort, where every guest finds his lost love, but perhaps at the price of love itself.
"A Fire at the End of Time". Even in the oldest age of the universe, the travails of youth remain.
"The Monkey and the Amazon".  An historical fantasy.
"Worse Than the Disease". A short-short about a highly controversial miracle drug.
Books That Never Were
"The Victims of George W. Bush" reviews two journalistic accounts of one of the most portentous fiascos in American history: the FBI's arrest of 19 Arab men on September 11, 2001, on the absurd charge of plotting to crash commercial airliners in to national landmarks.
A Worldcon to Win is a murder mystery set at a science fiction convention.
What pass for my Collected Poems are here divided among -
Verse (attempts at poetry)
Political, Satirical and Frivolous Verse
"Daddy Is a Spaceman" (a filk song)

Tory Songs by Sundry Hands are not of my creation, though I have been known to warble them in various approximate keys.
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