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The Rainbow

A ribbon of color arched across the pale blue sky.
It is a rainbow and do you know why?
God flooded the earth with waters deep.
He destroyed all evil with His hands mighty sweep.
Only one family survived the flood you know.
It was Noah and his family God's mercy did bestow.
Noah listened as God instructed him to build an ark.
He became the first carpenter in history to make his mark.
Then God sealed Noah and his family and the animals two by two
And the rain came down for forty days tis true
But He promised never to destroy the earth with water again.
To prove this He painted the rainbow as a reminder for man.
So when you see those colors arched across the sky.
Remember the reason for now you know why!
God keeps His promises and on this you can rely.
For thousands of years have now gone by
Yet the earth still has never been totally flooded again.
And the colorful rainbow is a constant reminder to God and to man.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-19-2003
Kept by The Son




God Made A Rainbow Promise

I was just a little girl I guess about the age of three.
When after the rain a beautiful rainbow I did see.
I asked my mother where it came from and why was it up there?
Then my mother pulled out the Bible and she had this to share.
Once upon a time long long time ago
God created the earth and it became violent so
God decided He would destory every man, and child.
Then He saw a man named Noah and his family meek and mild.
So God told Noah to build a great big ship and He called it an ark.
Mama said it was bigger than our little cities park.
Then God chose all the animal male and female
He sealed in Noah and his family and the ark was ready to sail.
The people laughed and called ole Noah a fool
But they didn't know Noah had attended God's Holy School.
It wasn't long till the rain began to fall from the sky.
People had never seen rain and they then wondered why.
Soon the water came up to the floors.
Then before long it came up to the doors.
People began crying and shouting for Noah to let them in.
They didn't know God was the one who shut OUT all the sin.
Before long the water had drown all living things and their cried could no longer be heard.
It was too late to listen to God's Holy Word.
It rained very hard for forty long days and nights.
God provided for the ark and Noah's family His bright Son's light.
Then suddenly the rain stopped and a beautiful rainbow appeared.
It's colors stretched all across the earth God's way of showing no one need again fear.
For He promised never to destroy the earth with water again
And this is really how the rainbow majestically began.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-2003
All Rights Reserved
Shining for the Son



The Colors of the Rainbow

Seven colors make up the colorful rainbow.
It takes all these colors to make it so.
Red is for the red clay or our human flesh and bone.
Yellow is for the purification with fire by God's heavenly throne.
Blue is the sapphire color and power of God which stands for God's chosen nation of Israel.
Green stand for immortality, the symbol of resurrection so well.
Purple of course is for royalty or priesthood which all God's children are.
Black is for the darkness there was without any light, moon, sun or star.
White is for God's glory and purity so bright.
The colors of the rainbow all seven stand for perfection and made with the Gardner's delight!
I hope the next time you see a rainbow just after a shower of rain.
You will remember Jesus red blood , His blue tears, His purple royal robe, His fresh green resurrection, His perfection of yellow purity, His defeat over darkness and His Glory so white without spot or stain.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-2003
All Rights reserved
Shining Like The Son!