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Blue Eyes Crying In The Snow

I was walking down a sidewalk one day
and I saw an old man sit down to pray.
His hair was white as the driven snow.
His beard falling graciously oh so low.

He wore an old hat to cover his head.
But he had no coat his face so red.
I stood in wonder of what he said.
How could this man be so terribly lead?

He raised his head and his blue eyes I see.
What happened to this man I wondered.
I stood there frozen my steps to ponder.
He was crying, tears ran fast but free.

I reach down into my coat pocket
and took out my favorite golden locket.
"I have no money to give you I said.
So, I will give you my golden locket instead".

The old man looked at me with a smile
"You are so kind, but you will do for a while.
I only stopped for a while to see,
Just how many people still really love me!"

I don't know what you are talking about.
He couldn't hear so I began to shout.
"Can't you see, Child who I really am?"
No, I'm afraid I can't I said with a frown.

"My name is Jesus, the one in the book.
Haven't you ever took the time to look?"
His eyes watered and I watched as He cried.
It was then my conscious was pricked with pride.

I'm sorry Lord, I thought you were a myth.
Forgive me I cried, and I knelt down to kiss.
People think you are not really real you see,
And I'm afraid one of those people just happened to be me.

"Will you go and tell my children to come in?
I am almost ready and they are living in sin.
Go, and tell them I shall return
They have a choice of accepting me or they'll burn."

I could not hardly stand near this awesome person.
I couldn't believe this man was the Most High One.
"Go and tell them I'm coming soon.
I'm coming again some morning, night or noon."

I looked up to rest my hand upon his head.
But the old man who was crying was gone instead.
I stood there thinking about all he said.
Jesus the Christ is really NOT dead!

Sybil Shearin Copyright 2002




Standing In His Presence

I saw my body lying there as I arose and looked all around me.
My body was still as if I were sleeping and dreaming of the sea.
The angels carried me away from this earth far into the sky.
I was so amazed I didn't think to ask them why.

Then is a split second I was standing in the presence of the Master I so loved.
He turned to look at me and I could feel His awesome love.
His eyes were like coals of fire and embers red hot.
His voice thundered across the heavens but He said gently "Fear Not!"

I couldn't take my eyes off Him for one second.
When He said those words they came forth as if my mind was instantly beckoned.
"I know your life has been painful and I will show it all to you.
As I show you each event I will explain it through and through!"

There before me was a giant screen like a movie theatre might possess.
As fast as I could see He revealed my life without one second to rest.
I watched as I saw my life unfolding before my eyes.
I saw the painful memories and the nights filled with tearful cries.

As the picture unfolded and I saw my pitiful life.
I wondered if He would allow me to enter heaven or be turned to salt like Lot's wife.
He explained in detail each and every single event.
Then He stopped and I turned to hastily repent.

I was standing in the presence and His beauty captured me heart and soul.
I wanted to fall at His feet, just sit there and his precious feet just hold.
His hair hung down from His masculine shoulders white as the driven snow.
Yet I was so in awe I felt as though I'd known Him from a long long ago.

I was speechless for the words just would not come.
I realized I was with Jesus, God's Holy Son.
Please let me stay with you I managed to say.
"Your task is not finished and you cannot now stay!"

Those words hurt me for I wanted to stay with Him.
Then suddenly the angels were sweeping me past galaxys bright and dim.
I saw my body and my spirit began to enter in.
How long was I gone for the clay was so cold within?

No one can explain it and they need not even try.
For I once stood in the presence of Jesus Christ the Most High.
I am working trying hard to fulfill my daily task.
Soon my days will be over and I will go back home at last.

I don't ask you to believe anything I have to say.
I just ask you to look at your body that is made of simple clay.
Remember the clay was made by someone and I think you really know who.
I have told you about Jesus and the rest is really up to you.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 6-15-2003
All Rights Reserved
Working for the Son!



A curious woman called a silversmith to ask if she could
watch him as he worked with the precious metal.
She wondered if the process would be like
God's rose wrapped in velvet like petals.
She read "He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver"
a scripture taken from the Bible in Malachi chapter three.
She wondered what this statement meant
for she held no biblical degree.

The silversmith agreed to allow her to watch...
as he went about his task.
She has so many questions she wanted to ask.
What did this verse mean...
about God's character and nature she thought.
Answers to these questions she curiously sought.

She watched as the silversmith
held a piece of silver over the fire and let it heat.
She noticed he held it in the middle of the fire where the flames
where the hottest for she had a ringside seat.
He smiled knowingly explaining this was done
to burn away all impurities big or small.
The woman thought about God holding each one of us
in such a hot spot but never once allowing us to fall.

"Is it true you have to sit here in front of this hot fire
and watch as this silver is being refined?"
"Yes, I have to sit here holding the silver
and keep my eyes on it the entire time.
If the silver is left a moment too long in the flames
it will be destroyed", he kindly smiled.
She sat there watching with the wonder of a child.

"How do you know when the silver is fully refined", the lady inquired?
"Oh! It is done when I can see my image in it", he said rather inspired.
The lady pictured her life in the heat of the fire now knowing God
had His eyes watching until He saw His image in her.
She could relate to this because her father
had a vineyard and was a wine connoisseur.

So if at this moment your life seems to be in the flames of fire so hot.
Remember you are only in the middle of God's great melting pot.
He watches constantly, never once taking His eyes away.
He is your Anchor in times of trouble
and In His Hands you will always stay.

Sybil Shearin (3-10-2003)




 The Rich or the Famous ?

I was walking down the sidewalk one day just after noon.
I was dressed all in silk and enjoyed the luxury of expensive perfume.
My hair was professionally done every strand in its place.
My makeup was perfectly done every blemish covered on my face.

I saw an old man dressed in a street persons attire.
He was begging for money, not asking for someone his talents to hire.
His hair was oily and his beard very long and unkempt.
Why would the law not take him off the streets and get him professional help?

It was at that moment he reached for my hand.
My eyes peered down at his dirty hand, a hand without watch nor wearing a wedding band.
I pulled away for he had soiled my newest dress of fashion for the day.
He had left an odor upon it that lingered and would not go away.

"Get away from me!" I shouted my voice raised in frustration.
"You are one of the things we need to rid from our beloved nation!"
He stood fixed, his eyes starring into mine.
A tear trickled down his cheek from my words that were so unkind.

"Do you not know and do you not see?" he asked softly.
"I am the one who walked the dusty roads of Galilee.
I am the one who long ago made the lame to walk.
I am the one who caused the dumb to be healed and to talk."

There was something in his eyes that had an aluminous glow.
Why I stood there I really do not know.
I was captivated and a presence around me caused me a chill in the hot summer's sun.
This man was on drugs and his mind was terribly undone.

"You do not believe, do you?" he softly asked?
" I am here because my Father sent me to see you in person, at last.
He knew you were a person with many doubts and unbelief so strong.
He wanted me to tell you He is coming back before too long."

It was then I saw the real man in that dirty ragged wear.
It was Jesus standing before me and He came because He cared.
He wouldn't leave me behind but left His heavenly mansion fair.
My soul was bound for hell and He would save me from Satan's hot lair.

The moral of my story is don't pass a stranger by.
He could be in the body of a beggar or an angel from on high.
Just because the body is old and he may have no worldly fame,
Doesn't mean it couldn't be the Savior calling out YOUR name!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 8-2003
All Rights Reserved