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New Year 2005
       Another year has come and gone
       Children once small are now all grown.
       Homes are full of Christmas things
       Now we wonder what the New Year brings.

       I hear folks talking about resolutions.
       They hope changing their habits will be the solution.
       Television is now seen world wide
       Just as the Bible prophesied.

       Cars are going to and fro
       Shopping malls will be filled with shoppers don't you know?
       Small churches are sparcely scattered now
       While hugh telethons are begging "send your money right now!"

       God has been taken out of the schools.
       Praying is now strickly against the rules.
       Teenagers are getting high on drugs day after day.
       Parents have lost control for the supreme courts have the say.

       Girls are getting pregnant at twelve years of age.
       Grandparents are raising grandchildren on minimum wage.
       Sexuality has come out of the closet it seems.
       Men are dressing as women and all is well in courts supreme.

       Women are having surgery to become a man.
       I thought America would be protected by God's own hand.
       But America has turned away from God's word.
       His "Thou shalt nots" are never heard.

       Preachers are not preaching on hell's brimstone and fire.
       Money and wealth has become their lustful desire.
       I pray God will help mankind to see
       Our nation could be the next Tsunami!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 1-1-2005
Waiting for the Son