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The Christmas Rose!

Twas Christmas time and the snow was peppering down.
Lights in windows displayed a festive time in the town.
Snow blanketed the small village and few people stirred outside.
The wind whistled and the church bells rang far and wide.

A celebration of Jesus birthday was only hours away.
Groups of children sang carols a show of warmth for this day.
Darkness fell in this sleepy little town.
Boys and girls were dressed in warm pajamas and gowns.

The fire crackled as the logs burned in the old fireplace.
Marshmallows roasting sent a sweet aroma marking its trace.
An old man sat in his rocking chair with his pipe in hand.
Circles of smoke surrounded him escaping into the parlor grand.

His hair was as white and the driven snow
And he whispered a prayer with words soft and low.
He watched as the children's eyes sparkled in the night.
Oh the wonder of Christmas, a children's delight.

A manger scene stood on the mantel above
A simple display of God's perfect love.
Love that no other could ever give
To pay the ransom for sin man He must forgive.

A Holy Night, all was calm and all was quiet
As a small child lay on a cold bare floor.
His cries drifted unheard through the wooden door.
Drinking and laughter drown his tiny voice.
His parents had made this night their choice.

Then suddenly a crimson light flooded his small silhouette
Much like the desert at sun set.
An angel swept down and reclaimed the soul
Leaving only a hint of perfume as he winging his way to a celestial pole.

The night soon hushed and people slept.
Only the angels in heaven for the little soul wept.
Christmas comes and Christmas goes
And God continues to pick a perfect Christmas rose!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 12-1-2004
All Rights Reserved
Waiting for the Son!
May be used with permission

© Designer Lady

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