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Marching Onward Still

Lord You sent me back to this wicked world of Yours.
I wanted so to stay in heaven with You!
Now I am here walking through these worldly sewers.
My heart cries out for I know not what to do.

I see witches stirring their cauldron's hot.
I see satanist luring our youth into a devil's hell.
Lord when is this madness going to stop?
What happened to America's famous Liberty Bell?

Lord I've tried to win souls just like You said.
I've stood toe to toe with satan's angelic host.
I've watched innocent children's blood flow deep and red.
Lord I am still walking from pillar to post.

I see a great tidal wave soon to hit the west coast.
I watched the hurricanes flood cities in great power.
The world needs a revival from the Holy Ghost
For I fear this is the world's final hour.

Fill me with Your spirit and show me the way.
Hold up my hands with power and might
Help me to tell the sinners oh give me the words to say.
Lord please don't let me lose this fight!

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved


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