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Three Crosses

There were three of us standing tall and proud.
We held three men one with an expensive shroud.
We watched as the soldiers drove spikes in their hands.
Their feet tied together with leather bands.

We felt the heat from the sun above
We felt one man was filled with love.
They spoke softly but in great pain.
One man promised He would live again.

How could this be we thought as the day drew to a close?
We held two guilty men and one Chosen Rose.
We watched as it drew dark and the earth beneath us shook.
Our Creator had ordained this in His holy book.

A woman cried! "What have you done to my son?"
"Why have you killed an innocent one?"
Tears dripped and fell on the earth beneath.
Thorns surrounded her son's head like a wreath.

"Lord remember me one man whispered low.
When you enter your kingdom I want to go."
"Today will you be in paradise with me", Jesus replied.
Soldiers drew swords to pierce the bodies and then the three men died.

We stood like a cross hurt to our core.
This was something we had not prepared ourselves for.
We knew we had held the body of Jesus our Creator and Lord.
A man the whole world loved and had forever adored.

We soaked up the blood that was shed for all.
Jesus won the battle now satan would surely fall.
He thought he had destroyed God's perfect creation.
But alas he couldn't out smart God's only Son.

Man now overcome's satan by the word of his testimony and the Blood of the Son.
All sins are covered by His blood and grace is now a gift to everyone.
A perfect man with a perfect plan made salvation available to all.
He is King of Kings, Lord of all Lords and He is listening for your call.

Written by Sybil Shearin June 2007

© Designer Lady

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