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Louise Griffin Austin

This page is dedicated in memory of Sybil's Mother
who went to be with the Lord on December 14, 2005.
This was her last poem.
It was written on December 5, 2005.

Jesus Christ the Eternal Light

Have you ever been in the valley
And it seemed so very dark and deep?
The only thing that seemed to help
Was to get alone and in prayer begin to weep.

I said a prayer and went to my bed
I thought I was alright
But I awoke in early morning
And I had an awful night..

The pain that shook by body
I hardly could endure
I asked for help quickly
I knew Jesus would always hear.

I know within my spirit
My life was about to end.
But praise God, Jesus was there.
He is my best and precious friend.

I saw the dark dark tunnel
God showed me all of it that night
And at the end of the tunnel
Was a blessed Holy Light!

This vision I saw clearly
Dear friend, it is very real.
I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for His presence
When the devil comes to steal.

I'll shout it on the mountain
And in the deep valleys too.
I've got my life in order
I'm looking for Jesus shortly; are YOU?