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      You write such beautiful poems.
      They have so much depth and meaning.
      Showing people the light and letting them see
      that on Jesus they should be leaning.

      You take on a heavy tasks and carry them through.
      You dare to tread where angels fear to go
      and don't even stop to ask who??

      Casting out evil and restoring only the good.
      Making sure God is in their midst's
      and praying for a better neighborhood.

      Taking on people who curse God
      and try to make a mockery out of His Holy Word.
      They carry such baggage and lies
      and hurt deep like a double-edged sword.

      You stop by at sing with a poem or two.
      These are the things the Lord gave
      and chose you to do.

      I love your work that only comes from God.
      So dear Sybil, continue to lift up Jesus
       as you go forward and trod.

Written by Nancy Hoback
for Sybil Shearin

September 25,2004

© Designer Lady

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