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A Childs Faith

In A Child's Eyes

I saw you as you took money from her
And I watched as our enemies you did not deter.
I saw you give Mommy to other men for your beer.
Who was this child's overseer?

I heard the words of hate and anger seething.
I watched as the phone was snatched from the wall while still ringing.
I saw the bruises and I felt her pain.
You promised you would never hurt us again.

I opened the cabinets and the refrigerator looking for a bite.
I was hungry and thirsty and it was the middle of the night.
My body shivered from the cold for you had taken my blankets away.
My punishment was necessary I heard you harshly say.

Then I watched you as you held her head in the water.
I knew I was next because I was your only daughter.
I still hear her screams and see her streaming tears.
My pain disappears overtaken by terror and childish fears.

I saw Mommy with the knife held in her hands.
I saw the blood run red on the floor as she took off her wedding bands.
I don't remember how I came to this place,
But I'll always remember the anger on my daddy's face.

Mommy is in a prison behind walls of iron and steel gates.
She is serving the rest of her life for defending us from Daddy's jealous
Daddy rest quietly on the hill just outside town in the cementery there
While I continue looking through a child's eyes in darkness and despair.

I wish Daddy loved Mommy and I was in a happy home.
I wish Mommy didn't hurt anymore and her mind didn't aimlessly roam.
I wish I had a Mommy and a Daddy who really loved me.
I am unwanted, unloved and my childish eyes are blind now you see.

Jesus I am a child who can no longer see.
I pray for my Mommy's heart to mend; please let it be.
I pray that Daddy isn't standing outside heaven's pearly gates.
Jesus give me new eyes to see the roses and smell the fragrance of Mommy's
perfume in the glass bottle that patiently waits.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 4-20-2003
All Rights Reserved.



A Child's Prayer

I met a little girl today
Her eyes were the deepest of blue.
She stopped and she looked at me
And then proceeded to say.

"Are you a grandmother sweet
And do you have children to love?"
I stopped and looked into her dirty face
And the torn shoes that shod her feet.

Yes, I am a grandmother too
and I have five children that I love.
I love all of them so very much
but I have enough love in my heart for you.

She smiled and took my hand
with the most precious kind of trust.
How could this little child be lacking
When love is so abundant in our land?

Her hands held mine tight
Her dress torn and in need of repair.
Where was her family and
Where would this child sleep tonight?

"Last night I slept in a ditch
I covered myself with leaves.
Daddy was drinking and I was afraid
of the darkness that was as black as pitch."

I don't know if I'll live
and be pretty like your children will.
Because my Daddy beats me and Mommy
Daddy doesn't have any love left to give.

I couldn't look into this child's little eyes
for it hurt me beyond any words.
To see a child so hungry for love,
knowing her heart in the midnight cries.

Children are given as blessings from God.
They are innocent and precious little souls.
It is really a shame parents don't take the time
To love instead of trampling them in the sod.

"Will you say a prayer and let's wait and see,
If Jesus is really real or not.
Please ask Him to take me to heaven with him,
Because my parents aren't good to me."

A tear trickled down her dirty little face
and I knelt with her and we prayed.
We asked and we are believing for this special prayer request.
Jesus often uses children to teach adults about His Amazing Grace!

Sybil Shearin (C) 2002



Ribbons and Lace

When I was a child Mama dressed me in ribbons and lace.
I was to be a lady of mirrors and grace.
My dresses she stitched everyone with love
Depending on a touch from the Master above.
I had gowns sweeping the floor and fragrances galore.
Mama opened every children's boutique door.
She put ribbons in my long blonde hair that hung down to my waist
And a touch of her blush on my tender child-like face.
So needless to say I was the sparkle in her eyes
And a charmer to all my friends and family ties.
You see Mama wanted to hide my legs that would not walk.
She heard the words people whispered and gossiping talk.
I had been victim of Polio and my legs were in steel braces tall.
So Mama tried very hard to let others see my heart first of all.
She hoped the ribbons, perfume and lace
Would brighten the look on my little face.
But it was Jesus who came to visit me one summer's night.
I remember He touched my legs with an illuminable light.
Angels stood all around my bed
Silently they stood and not one word was said.
Still the doctors are amazed that I still walk today.
I give God glory and praise for the healing He gave me everyday
And the ribbons, perfume and lace from Mama I still wear to this day.
Thank you Jesus for healing and saving this child's soul.
Thank you Mama for your love so untold.

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) All rights reserved, 3-13-2003
A True Story for I am the Child!


Jesus, My Anchor!

The world is spinning out of control
Nations are rising up against nations
War is looming like a black cloud over all.
It seems with men, there is no harmonization.

But in all these evil and dangerous times
My soul is safe for You are my Peace in these troubled storms.
You are my Rescue when doubt and fear comes in.
You are the One I depend on, Your miracles to perform.

You hung on the cross, bled and died for me.
Your hands are scarred but You stripped death and took its keys.
You are my Rose of Hope when darkness surrounds me.
Your hand stretches from ocean to ocean and sea to sea.

I will not fear what man can do because I have YOU.
If this body goes back to the dust from whence it came.
I am promised in my flesh shall I see You again.
You are the same yesterday, today and forever without change.

Father hear the cries of Your people
Gather us under Your wings of protection.
Let the enemy fall on our right and on our left.
Father we are Yours, set apart, for You're perfection.

Lord don't turn Your face away from us.
Forgive us from our sins and deliver us from the hand of the enemy.
Keep us ever free to worship You.
Bless us Lord Jesus and be the Captain on our troubled seas.

Written by Sybil Shearin
All Rights Reserved
(c) 2-2003
Anchored by The Rock


Our Blessed Hope

A small child cries in a hospital bed.
Tubes in her body is how she is fed.
Day by day she slowly wastes away.
Disease grows and the small body decays.

A gray-haired lady sits in a wheel chair.
Her bed clothes smell from lack of care.
Eyes once bright have dimmed in tears.
She sits abandoned by her children for who her heart holds so dear.

Singing a song, she rocks a doll in her frail thin hands.
She thinks the doll is her baby and perfect care it demands.
The rocking chair rocks away.
Her mind is reliving a yesterday.

On a park bench sits a lonely man.
His clothes are dirty and he has only one hand.
He has no hat to shade his head.
The park bench has become this old man's bed.

The doctor comes in and gives the news.
A beautiful woman is waiting having no clues.
He coldly and firmly reads from his medical critiques.
"You have cancer and only a few months to live!" , he coldly speaks.

All of these pictures I see in my mind.
All of these people are living on borrowed time.
Where will each of these poor souls go
When death walks in and steals the show?

I sit on the bedside of the woman in tears.
I hold the hand of the child who always fears.
I offer the beggar a bed in which to sleep.
I listen to the song the woman sings to the
child her mind still keeps.

I tell them all of a Blessed Hope on which to call.
He will take them to heaven one and all.
The Blessed Hope is Christ Jesus the King
And in His strong arms they can begin to cling.

He will wipe away all the tears from the child.
He can heal the woman of cancer with only a smile.
He is the shelter for the beggar who is in need.
He is Father to the elderly in Word and Deed.

Jesus Christ is the Hope for all mankind.
Only He is the answer for this day and this time.
Jesus Christ is man's greatest love story
And Jesus Christ is our ONLY Hope of Glory!

Written by Sybil Shearin
(c) 2-25-2003
My Blessed Hope, The Son