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A few months ago I created a website for actor Rodney A. Grant.(which is currently being recreated) I am not a master at creating web pages and I relied on people to help me where possible. Since then I have become more proficient. While I was building Rodney's site I had mentioned to a friend of building an Eric Schweig site next. We decided to get it started after Christmas when things slowed down. I am honored to have worked along side my friend Joni Stelter in preparing this website for Canadian Actor Eric Schweig. This is not an official site, it is a personal site and in no way am I making money out of it. The only way I am profiting is by being fulfilled in making his fans happy by providing more means of information whereever possible and by making them more knowledgeable of his heritage and interests. Like many of his fans I first saw Eric in "Last of the Mohicans" and although he had a silent role he left quite an impression on me. Through his eyes and his actions in portraying Uncas, he left many fans enamored of him. There were two scenes among others in that movie that captivated me. One of them is when they were in the cave underneath the waterfalls and Uncas gets a hold of Alice as she attempts to jump. How he tenderly holds her and rocks her. The other being the scene when Uncas is mortally wounded and he turns to Alice. That moment they shared was an emotional one, there was no need for words. I was so saddened at the fact that Uncas was killed.

I was quite impressed with Eric's talents in carving the Spirit masks. I hope he continues his great work as both an actor and carver. I am positive he would do a great job in any role he is given and like a few of my friends would like to see him portray an Inuk. I wish him much continued success in his future endeavors.

I want to thank again my friend Joni and her husband Parry for all their support during these last few weeks.( For the materials, pics and technical help where needed.) I owe you! I also would like to thank Duda for her Uncas picture shown at the bottom of the first page of pictures. Thanks to Destiny's Lady for that gorgeous wolf background!

Please be patient as there is still some adjustments to be made here and there throughout the site. But for the meantime.....................



A Spanish Translation follows for those Spanish Speaking Erics Fans ( And there are quite a few out there!)



Hola, mi nombre es Rosemary. Yo habia creado un website para el actor Rodney A. Grant (Indio Nativo Americano/Omaha). Cuando comenze no tenia tanta experencia pero he aprendido bastante. Con la ayuda de mi amiga Joni Stelter y su esposo Parry creamos este website para Eric Schweig-Actor y Artesano Canadiense. La primera pelicula en la cual yo vi a Eric fue en "Last of the Mohicans" o sea " Los Ultimos De los Mohicans". El hizo el papel de Uncas y aunque no hablo, sus acciones y con sus ojos demostro mucha emocion que me dejo impresionada. Habian dos escenas entres tantas que me emocionaron bastante. Una de ellas fue cuando estaban en una cueva debajo de las catarratas y Uncas aguanto a Alice cuando ella se queria quitar la vida tirandose hacia el agua. La forma que el la aguanto y la abrazo. La emocion radiaba sin palabras. Otra escena fue cuando Uncas fue herido mortalmente y el miro hacia Alice sabiendo que seria la ultima vez que la veria. La mirada entre los dos que se querian tambien radiaba sin palabras. Yo llore cuando el murio.

Yo me quede impresionado con este gran hombre, ya que no es tan solo un actor pero a la vez un gran artesano de unas mascaras espirituales de su raza Inuit. Vea en las paginas de los links (Spirit Masks). Mis amigas y yo nos gustaria verlo haciendo papel de un Inuk. Le deseo que siga triunfando en su carrera aristica.

Gracias de nuevo a mi amiga Joni y su esposo Parry por su ayuda con este trabajo estas pasadas semanas . Gracias a Destiny's Lady por los imagenes de Lobos. Que disfruten !!



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