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June 25th, 2001

Alright, the I can officially say that this site has moved to the a new server.  All the ride pages have been revamped along with the gallery so go check it out.  Also if there any broken links report them by emailing me problems with the new site.

June 21st, 2001

Alright folkes, hang in there as I only have one exam  left and that's chemistry.  I shudder at the thought but oh well.  I am currently in the process of revamping all of the rides pages, and hopefully move this website on to an add free server so that stupid pop will not annoy you any further. PEACE

June 16th, 2001

I took the time to update my links sections with other coaster sites from across the US.  Also I received new pictures of PCW from Marc Chabot thanks! New Silver Streak pics are up, while the rest will be coming soon.

June 9th, 2001

The very last pages are up at last! now I can concentrate on updates and pictures, but please bare with me as for the next two weeks I have exams.

May 31st, 2001

I finally put up the Top Gun, and Vortex pages along with the Sol Loco, Minebuster, Thunder Run, Sky Rider, Dragon Fire, Jet Scream, Wild Beast, The Bat, and Nightmares pages, so go check them out.









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