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During the course of my research, I've come across several books written by Nolands or about Nolands. Most of these books contain family history either throughout the book or in the introduction.  Listed below are a few of them.

"Confederate Greenbacks," written by Julia Tigner Noland and Blanche Connelly Saucier, published in 1940, is about Mississippi Plantation Life in the 1870's and 1880's and recounts many of Julia Tigner Noland's childhood memories.

"Will Makes Way," written by Rev. Stephen Noland, published in 1887, is an autobiography.  He also had two other books published:  "Christians, or Disciples" and "Sermons and Parables."

"Charlotte Haxall Noland, 1883 - 1969," edited by Mary Custis Lee deButts and Rosalie Noland Woodland, published in 1971, is a memorial tribute to the founder of Virginia's Foxcroft School.

"Cavorting on the Devil's Fork," written by C.F.M. Noland and Leonard Williams, published in 1979, is one of the first books published on early Southwestern humor with it's collection of The Pete Whetstone letters.

"Flyin' Bullets and The Resplendant Badge, The Story of the Snokies' Legendary Sheriff Ray C. Noland and Lawmen Who Helped Him," written by Ersa Ray Noland Smith, Charles Robin Smith, and Chris Alvin Smith, published in 1989, is a memorial tribute.  Also includes historical Noland sheriffs.

"Philip Nolan and Texas, Expeditions to the Unknown Land, 1791-1801," written by Maurine T. Wilson and Jack Jackson, published in 1987, explores Nolan's background, his relationship to General James Wilkinson, his reasons for going to Texas, and his significance to the Spanish borderlands.  This Philip Nolan and E.E. Hale's Philip Nolan in "The Man Without a Country," written in 1863, have been confused and many times their identities have been combined.

"Anna, A Civil War Story," written by Frances Noland Lowe, published in 1998, is a work of fiction, taking place in Jackson County, Missouri, where she was born.  This historical novel is based on the handed-down stories of her own ancestors.

Most of these books are out of print, however, copies may be obtained by searching on Barnes and Noble or Amazon websites.