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Nancy's Packets

I hope you enjoy my painting packets. All come with detailed step-by-step instructions, color photos, and line drawings. Prices vary depending on the packet. Prices do not include shipping.

Thanks for looking!


Assorted Bobbin Patterns. Price is $5.00.

The North Carolina Cotton Mill bobbins are $4.00 on sale. These bobbins make beautiful candlesticks and add an antique flair to your table setting--they are the actual bobbins used for years in the North Carolina Cotton Mill.

Packets available at $5.00 each are Hydrangea, Snowman, Santa, or Nutcracker.

The napkin rings are $2.00 each.

Click on the link to view the other patterns.

Snowman, Santa, and Nutcracker Bobbins


Red Cardinal with Blue Grapes: $5.00, Acrylic, Learn to make faux rice paper and then smoke it. A wonderful and interesting technique. Step by step instructions with color photo.


Swan with smoked background with touches of pink. Leaves outlined in gold metallic, Swan 17" long, eye included. Packet contains color worksheet. Packet: $6.00, Swan $30.00 plus shipping.


Lucky, The Free Standing Dummy Board: Acrylics: Cost $6.00. Full size pattern, No taping. Easy to do...Great by the door. Looks alive.


This is a Father Cardinal on Watch. There are 3 more deisgns in this packet. One includes the mother cardinal sitting on the nest. One of the nest. Really neat painted on three boxes. You get three patterns and instructions in one packet. $6.00 Smoked backgroud with all sorts of colors added.

Bisque ornaments

Birds on Bisque Snowflakes

Beautiful bisque ornaments and chipper little birds will make your Christmas tree shine. Ornaments and packets are ready to ship. Packet is $6.50(US) and ornaments are $1.80(US), plus shipping. Includes 6 different birds in one packet with step by step instructions and color enlargement. Surface is a good size and easy to paint on--I smoked my background.

Brown Tennessee Walker

Tennessee Walking Horse

Painted on 16" by 20" Acid Free Mounting Board with Golden Sandstone Background that has been smoked using a candle. Has gold flecks in background to tie in with the gold horse. Written for both the acrylic painter as well as for the oil painter. Has a complete color work sheet with step by step instructions. Used Floral and Dabber brushes. Packet $6.50.

Christmas Critters

Christmas Critters on
Bisque Heart Ornaments

Color Enlargement. Four different bird instructions in one packet. Ornaments are available for $1.80 ea. Packet is $6.50.

Christmas Tree Boxes with Candles

Tree Boxes with Smoked Background

Set of 3 Tree Boxes with matching candles. Smoked background. Looks great all three on the mantle for the holidays. The large tree has 3 candles, middle tree has 2 candles and the small tree has 1 candle all surrounded in pine needles & holly leaves with berries. Packet includes 3 color photos and color worksheet. Packet $7.00

Robin and Pink Blossoms

Small Robin Nestled in Pink Blossoms

Bentwood Box Surface: 16" long by 7" wide. Have painted the leaves slightly off the edges of box. Acrylic. $5.50


The Hatteras Lighthouse. Enjoy the historic Hatteras Lighthouse on the NC coast as a floorcloth or painting--it is beautiful on any painted surface and a treasure to all who enjoy her! Pattern is 2' x 3' full size and would look great in a den or beach cottage. Acrylic--no taping. Price is $8.00.


Zebra Floorcloth. The hot trend in decorating for the 21st Century is animal prints and jungle themes. What better way to enhance your decor than a zebra floorcloth? This pattern is full size 2' x 3' and includes two color photographs. Price is $8.00. Full size pattern--no taping.

Zebra Closeup


Hydrangea Floor cloth: Color worksheet for both oils and acrylics. Written for both oils and acrylics. 3' by 4' Floor Cloth available. Full size pattern, no taping....Cost of packet $7.00 Very popular.


Ruby Throated Hummingbird on Smoked background with touches of pink color. Very popular. color worksheet. Acrylics. $6.00


Rusty, The Irish Setter. Packet written in acrylics. Color worksheet...Cost $6.00.


Hunt Fire Screen: Front Showing. Screen has three sides. cost $7.00. Has 3 color photo and full size pattern. No taping. Fire Screen Available


White Hydrangea Fire Screen: 281/2" by 29". Very nice in front of fire place. Firescreen available. Color worksheet, instructions for both acrylics and oils. Full size pattern. Also available as a full size floor cloth pattern.

Santa Face on Gourd

Santa Gourd

This Santa is painted on a large martin gourd. These gourds are available for $8.00 cleaned, ready to paint. Instructions written in both oils & acrylics. Has an additional enlarged color picture to see eyes and facial features up close. Packet $6.00

Bisque Heart Birds

Birds on Bisque Ornaments

4 Bisque Christmas Ornaments with 4 birds with complete instructions for all 4. Includes an enlargement of the ornaments for easy painting. Ornaments available for $1.80; packet is $6.50.

Hummingbird and Hibiscus

Hummingbird/ Hibiscus

Instructions for acrylic/oil. Painted on 10" round plate made by Frederix. Great new surface....No prep....Available for $5.50. Packet is $5.50.

Copyright 2002, Nancy Dale Kinney. All rights reserved. No copies of the photo may be downloaded or used in any way without express written consent of Nancy Dale Kinney.