April, 2001

A video is rumored to be on the way.

Check out two new Bob bios, Clinton Heylin and Howard Sounes. Sounes has interviews with Bucky Baxter and Winston Watson and info on the NET.

March 1, 2001

No news updates for awhile but I'm still tinkering. The site has surpassed 10,000 visitors in just under two years. Not bad for such a specialty site.

Dylan and the band are on tour in Japan and Australia this spring. Rumors of a European tour this summer -- maybe.

A new live album has been released in Japan. It includes four tracks I believe from the current band and one from the Baxter/Campbell era.

Also on the rumor front, a new Dylan album is in the can.

Dylan has also recorded two songs with the road band -- a song for the Sun Records tribute album and a song for a Sopranos soundtrack.

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