Old News

January 24, 2000: After a long delay, things are moving again sort of. No news about a tour, though a European tour is rumored for the spring. One new song will be available on the soundtrack for the upcoming movie "Wonder Boys. " The song, called, "Things Have Changed" has unknown personnel but it might have been recorded with the road band. Site-wise, I've made several corrections and improvements. I'm still gathering information so anyone who'd lie to share, please feel free. Nov. 23, 1999: Hi, welcome to the site's official unveiling. If you have an info you'd like to share, send an e-mail. The Former Members page is still under heavy construction. Some additional pictures will also be added. In Dylan news: Finished with Lesh tour. Rumors say he'll start touring in February with Paul Simon again. What could he be doing for December and January? In addition. rumor has it that Dylan went into the studio to record a new song for an upcoming movie directed by Mike Figgis. He reportedly used his road band for the session. (Thank you Joy) Also, for those in the southwest and Colorado, Bucky Baxter is making his first solo tour. Check him and his band, the Roving Gamblers, out. October 25, 1999: The site is almost done. Anyway, Bucky Baxter was in Roling Stone recently. Talking about his old boss and a great show at Irving Plaza. Maybe I'll try to digitize the video I have of that. Dylan is about to go on tour with Phil Lesh. I'll finish the Larry Campbell page, add some photos soon. More later. July 28, 1999: Well, I'm about a month or two late but a changes hs come. Bucky Baxter has left the band and Charlie Sexton is on-board. Baxter is currently planning on releasing his long-awaited solo album and it seems he may tour. That's quite a bit in the future though. I recently saw the new band in Minneapolis and Duluth. I reviewed the Minneapolis show for Expectingrain.com but couldn't find the time for Duluth. And Duluth was lethal. I'll give a review latter but they were really great. On his two solos, watching Sexton was like watching an eruption. He played rhythm most of the night but did play that Bloomfield lick for Like A Rolling Stone. Another comment, I'll make is the new role Larry Campbell has. As expected, he's more of a utility player now but he's still taking most of the solos. He played steel guitar one night, and slide guitar on Highway 61 Revisited both nights. There was some mandolin in there too. He's really the dominant force in the band too and Dylan seems locked into his playing. I'll add that despite the band's potential, I do miss Mr. Baxter's contributions. The band had a very well-balanced sound, to hear Campbell and Baxter trading-off each other during songs. And his steel guitar and mandolin work was a missing element in each song. I'm sorry to see him go. May 18, 1999: Rumor, based on recent newspaper articles, hint that a change might be brewing in the band. Mentioned in the Austin Chronicle this week, the writer suggests that former Arc Angels guitarist Charlie Sexton has been approached to possibly "become Dylan's touring guitarist." Previously, Toronto blues guitarist Paul James told a local paper that Dylan asked him after a Buffalo show in which James came onstage and played a few songs with Dylan and the band, that Dylan asked him about doing some touring. As to whether a line up change is imminent is unclear. In the past, such stories have proven to be just rumor. It does seem a little late, with the Paul Simon shows set to start in early June to be looking for someone immediately (The Chronicle piece said something about joining in early June.) Further clouding the story, Sexton is committed to doing some Arc Angels reunion shows in late May (there's a huge story about it in that issue of the Chronicle) and how would Sexton possibly have time to rehearse with both.. Rumors have been swirling that Larry Campbell or Bucky Baxter may be leaving if these rumors prove true. Should Campbell leave, Sexton/James would take the guitar slot. But should Baxter go, two new possibilities exist. 1) Sexton/James and Campbell split the lead work or 2) Campbell moves over to steel guitar/mandolin while Sexton/James takes lead guitar. Remember, Campbell is a multi-instrumentalist like Baxter. In this case, this rumor leaves many unanswered questions. Baxter's departure seems less likely, because it would require a great deal of rehearsals for both Campbell and Sexton/James to get adjusted and Dylan already needs to rehearse with Simon for their solo performances. Though Dylan has never been much for rehearsing, this does seem like far too little time. Time will tell. April-May, 1999. I am working diligently in assembling this page for popular consumption. Updates will come when necessary.