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K. T.  9/2002
Life With K T
Our Jack Russell Terrier

November 2002
Check it out!  Dad Terry and I exploring some back roads...

Look Mom Kathy has started my portrait!  It's Pastel I think it's a pretty good likeness....I get to put it on my web page when it's finished. (She's kinda slow so it may be a while before it's finished) tee hee.....

"K T"  Robbins-- December 2001
Seven Months Old    
A new bundle of energy has come into the Robbins household, her name is K. T. She is a wonderful Jack Russell Terrier  who has already managed to warm our hearts greatly.  We bought K. T. from Nancy Getman who breeds and raises Jack Russell Terriers at her Sierra Moun (pronounced moon) Kennel in the foothills of beautiful  northern California.
K. T.  was born on May 20, 2001, and is the second Jack Russell Terrier  we have owned.  Tootsie her predecessor lived to be 14 human years of age, and a true loyal companion.  We have every expectation K. T.  will be as wonderful as our beloved Tootsie.
The images here in "Life With K. T.  Our Jack Russell Terrier" are under copywrite, and may NOT be reproduced without the expressed permission of Kathy Robbins, owner.
Me and Dad Checking Out The Agility Ramp
October 2001
My Baby Pictures!
Here are all nine of us six females and three males at 12 days old.  Our mom Polly is a great mom and took real good care of us.  Image courtesy of Sierra Moun Kennel.
(pronounced Moon)

My Mom: Sierra Moun Polly 13
My Dad: Battle Born Ricky-Dick
 Nap Time At Sierra Moun Kennel May 2001 ©
Will These Wrinkles Ever Go Away? © K. T.

Look At How Much I Have Grown
K. T. September 2001  I'm 4 months old
"I'm practicing my hunting pose"
My Best Friend and Neighbor
My next door neighbor
"Princess" the Schipperke©
We have lots of fun I think she likes me!©
Hey Look What I Found
November 2001
Company's Coming©
Kathy's Section
Kathy & K. T.  Winter 2001©
Is a Jack Russell Terrier the right dog for you? This link will take you to the Jack Russell Terrier Club of America JRTCA Web Site.  Another excellent Web Site is the Jack Russell Terrier Network of Northern California JRTNNC .  Both sites are very informative and concerned about the care and preservation of the  wonderful Jack Russell Terrier breed.
A Joyful Romp In The New Grass Of Spring
March 2002
10 Months Old

I'd love to hear from you about your experiences with your Jack Russell Terrier/Terrier's.  

JRTNNC CLUB EVENTS (Jack Russell Terrier Network of Northern California) 2002

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From Sandi at JRTNNC

Information About Club Officers, Club Events, Jack Russell Terriers and more at

If you have room in your heart and home for one of these wonderful Jack Russell Terriers please click on the link below.  A rescued JR is waiting for a loving home one filled with kind children, good healthy food, good medical care and a warm place to sleep.  JR's love and need lots of exercise!  

"I care not for a man's religion whose dog and cat are not the better for it"
Abraham Lincoln
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"The Complete Jack Russell Terrier".  By D.  BrianPlummer,  New York:  Howell Book House
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