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"Best friends are the siblings God forgot to give us".
"Here are some of mine"
The paintings here in the "Guest Artist Gallery" are under copywrite, and may NOT be reproduced without the expressed permission of the artist.

"Noyo Harbor"©
Acrylic On Canvas
Blanche Anderson, Artist

"Noyo Harbor"

"I'd like to give you a brief background on Noyo Harbor for your interest.  It's the largest fishing port between San Francisco and Eureka, California and is located at historic Fort Bragg, in Northern California.  Noyo Harbor is a working port with a fleet of commercial fishing boats that harvest salmon, albacore, black cod, bottom fish, crab and urchins.  My husband and I have stayed at a bed & breakfast lodge just above this scenic harbor".

Blanche is a California Artist

War and Peace©
Transparent Watercolor
Burt Purmell, Artist

"War and Peace"

Watercolor, image 10 1/2" x 13 1/2" on Arches 140 HP.
"This painting was judged into a recent show and got an Honorable Mention award.
Although abstract, folks found meaning in the forms that they related to current and past history."

Burt Purmell

You can see more of Burt's work just click on the link below.

Burt Purmell is an New York Artist

Transparent Watercolor
Maury Kettell, Artist


"It has been a long time since I've used a structure for a painting subject. That seems a bit strange because I started this watercolor journey painting old buildings. This old school house is from a photo I took while living in Alabama. Most weekends, my friend Mic Bryant and I would get our touring bikes out and cruise the back roads around Montgomery. We would always run across abandoned buildings, and whenever I wasn't too far behind, I would stop and take photos. I left Alabama in 1987, and even after painting all these years, I still have many subjects waiting for a painting."

Maury Kettell is an Utah Artist

"Greek Church"©
Transparent Watercolor
Rich Stedman, Artist

"Greek Church"

"It is an watercolor painting from a photo by Christina Backus of Australia.  It is on Arches 140# hot press paper.  I was attracted to it for the deep blues of the water and the stark whites of the church".

Rich Stedman is a South Dakota Artist

"The Learning Tree"©
Transparent Watercolor
David Zettner, Artist

"The Learning Tree"

"It seems all the birds love to teach their young how to fly from this old tree.  The tree an ancient cedar is located here on my ranch in Texas".

David Zettner is a Texas Artist

"Wake Up Call"©
Transparent Watercolor
Pat Glenn, Artist
"Wake Up Call"

"Wake up call", watercolor on Arches 140 lb. cold pressed paper- I usually do everything on that paper because it has some texture, and istough and I treat it very rough with scrubbing, razor blades, etc. andit takes everything I dish out. The picture is shrimp boats aftersunrise in Rockport, Texas.

Pat Glenn is a Texas Artist
"Dakota Pottery"©
Transparent Watercolor
Jane Freeman, Artist
"Dakota Pottery"

"This is a watercolor entitled "Dakota Pottery" and was juried into the Federation of Watercolor Societies upcoming exhibition in Albuquerque, New Mexico where it will hang in the Albuquerque Museum from May 18th to August 18th".

Transparent Watercolor
Blinda Briter, Artist


"Last summer I discovered morning glories. It all began in my back yard with what is called a tri-lobed leaf. I went to the Internet to find out if it was a morning glory plant, or something I shouldn't touch. I found the most beautiful flowers and ended up with a great painting".

Belinda is a South Carolina Artist

Transparent Watercolor
Millie Carree, Artist

"These hibiscus were so simple, yet flamboyant.  I had to capture them.  Hold them before they disappeared.  I hope you enjoy their fleeting beauty as much as I did.  Transparent watercolor is the medium.  Thanks Kathy for showing my work.  Millie"

Millie is a Colorado Artist
"Fishing Off Normandy"©
Transparent Watercolor
Ray Annino, Artist
"Fishing Off Normandy"

"This picture was inspired by one of my favorite marine artists, Marin Marie (1901 - 1987). A passionate sailor, inventor, and painter, I first came across his work in the Musee de la Marine in Paris and was blown away by his realistic portrayal of the sea (especially how cold and mean it can get). This painting shows a small fishing boat in a healthy blow. I can't believe how much sail they have up and, how they ever set the spinnaker pole in such a breeze is beyond me".

Ray Annino is a Rhode Island Artist.  Member of Rhode Island Watercolor Society and American Society of Marine Artists.

"Grand Children At Bed Time"©
Transparent Watercolor
Gordon Townsend
"Grandchildren At Bed Time"

"This is a small watercolor sketch I did of my wife and grandchildren.  The way the light was catching them inspired me and, as I had my watercolors out doing something else I quickly painted them.  As I was so pleased with it  I just had to have it framed, and it is now on my lounge room wall.  It amazes me how those spontaneous paintings always seem to work".

Gordon is an Austrailan Artist
Gordon teaches art and gives artist workshops

"There are painters who transform the sun into a yellow spot, but there are others who, thanks to their art and intelligence, transform a yellow spot into the sun."
Robert Arneson
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