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Learning Disabilities
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General Information:

LD Online
Interactive guide to learning disabilities for parents, teachers, and children. This page offers questions and answers, video purchasing, children's art contests, and tons of information on learning disbilities. A must see. (

The Unicorn Children's Foundation
This site is designed by ICDL (Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disabilities), whose aim is to improve the identification, prevention and treatment of LD. It answers some commonly asked questions about learning disabilities, and aslo provides a multidisciplinary directory, information booklet, and warning signs of learning disabilities. (

NACD (The National Academy for Child Development)
This international organization believes in a family centeres approach to child develoment and education. The organization offers many articles, reports, and other resources, as well as an online forum, search engine, and links to related sites. (

Integra is an organization meant to serve children and adolescents with learning disabilities, and more specifically the behavioral, emotional, and social problems that result from LD. This side offers some general information on LD, as well as links to related sites. (

NICHCY is the national information and referral center that provides information on disabilities and disability-related issues for families, educators, and other professionals. This site provides links to information about learning diabilities, and tells about NICHCY itslef. (

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Specific Disabilities:

Internet Mental Health - ADHD
This site offers descriptions of the disability, diagnosis and treatment information, as well as links to pages of research of ADHD. It also includes links to booklets and magazine articles written about ADHD, as well as links to othre related web sites. (

National Attention Deficit Disorder Association
This well researched site contains information about ADDA and ADD, as well as research, tratment, books, legal issues, support groups, links to other websites, and much more.

CHADD (CHildren and adults with Attention Deficit Disorder)
This site provides information about ADD in general, as well as legal aspects, treatments, and advice meant to help both teachers and parents of children with ADD. There is also help for adults with ADD, as well as more links. (

ADHD -- Taking Control Through Knowledge
This site includes e-mail discussion, ADD talk, and monthly newsletters. Overall it contains a lot of information and discussion about Attention-Deficit Disorder and corresponding symptoms, as well as opportunities to ask and answer questions about ADD or related topics. (

Dyslexia-ADD Treatment Center
This organization's homepage is a good source of advice for parents of children with Dyslexia or ADD, answering questions such as what to do if you think your child has dyslexia, and helping find available tutors in your area. This site also gives research updates, and information about the Center itself. (

The Purple Page
This page contains links to articles and answers to frequently asked questions about dyslexia. Also offered are links to related organizations for treatment and information about dislexia, as well as links to other homepages. (

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Landmark College
Landmark is the only fully accredited college in the country designed exclusively for students with dyslexia, attention-deficit disorder, or specific learning disabilities. This homepage also offers more links to related sites, as well as information about admission to Landmark. (

Greenwood School
This site provides information and resources for parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities. Also included are links to the Greenwood School for boys age 9 - 15 with language disorders, and the Greenwood Institute for training literacy instructors. (

Wediko Children's Services
Wediko is an organization that works with children who have a variety of problems. This site offers information about the education that Wediko can provide for children with learning disablilties, as well as some articles about LD related treatment and problem solving. (

Independence Center
IC offers a mainstreamed transitional residential program for 18-30 year olds with learning disabilities. The main goal of the Center is to train and prepare these people for independent living by improving social and vocational skills, as well as through counseling. (

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More Links:

Special Education
This page offers many good links. You may choose a specific disability category, and you will be led to a list of related articles, research, related sites and more. (

SERI Learning Disabilities Resources
A collection of internet resources for people involved in special education. (

Instant Access Treasure Chest
Offers information on teaching foreign languages to children with learning disabilities. Contains links to information and articles about ADD and ADHD. (

Developmental Delay Resources (DDR)
Resources for parents and teachers of children with learning disabilities. (

Special Education (University of Kentucky)
This site from the University of Kentucky Special Education department offers good links to sites related to learning disabilities, including specific sites for dyslexia. (

World Wide Special Ed. Resources
This site offers many links to other homepages designed for special education purposes. This is a good source for information and resources about teaching students with disabilities. (

Special Education Resources
This resource page offers links to general information sites, special education sites, and sites that offer resources for teachers of special educators, as well as education search engines. (

disABILITY links
Internet Resources for Special Children is an organiztaion dedicated to communicating information which relates the needs of children with disabilities. By selecting a specific disability on this page, you will be brought to a list of links and web sites about that disability. (

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Related Listservs/Newsgroups:

ADDed Attractions
ADDed Attractions is a monthly newsletter intended for adults and parents of children with learning disabilities, focussing on helping to make better decisions concerning the challenges faced as caretakers to a child with LD. To subscribe to the newletter, click on the link to send an email, and include the word "subscribe" in your message.

Teaching Writing and Learning Disabilities/ADHD
This is a good list for any teachers, support providers, and parents interested in teaching writing skills to older children with learning diabilities. To subscribe, click on the link to send an email, and include the message ldcomp.

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