John Brantley

b. abt 1730 Isle of Wight county, VA
d. 1785 Nash county

m. Elizabeth

order of children uncertain

John's will 

John Jr.'s purchase of land

Table showing John Brantley in Edgecombe county and Nash county with others 

Note from the Brantley Association on John Brantley and DNA testing: 

Update 2006

DNA testing shows that John Brantley of Nash County, is not a descendant of Edward Brantley of 1638 through a consistent male line. That is, he does not descend from him from father to son, to son, etc as we would expect.  Often grandfathers will adopt the children of a deceased daughter and rear them with their own name.  Since the Y-chromosome is handed down from father to son ONLY, it would not follow through the daughter. It is likely that John is a descendant of Edward, but DNA testing seemingly assures us that he did not descend through the generations from father to son.  Since he was no doubt tied either by adoption, if not by blood, to the Brantley family, his descendants are considered of the lineage of Edward.  The best news of this discovery, is that now we can identify his descendants by the distinct DNA profile as shown in others of his known descendants.  It has already shown that some proposed as his descendants were, in fact not, and others previously unknown in his lineage have now been identified as his descendants.  There are many more discoveries that will be made in the coming years as we find others among his many descendants throughout America through DNA testing.  (Brantley Association:  John Brantley of Nash County)


Matthew* Jacob*

b. abt 1745 d. 1805

m. Sarah (Frye?) 


b. abt 1760 d.18 Jun 1835

m. William Ricks 

b. 1850 Virginia d. 10 Jun 1832


b. abt 1760 d. abt 1825


John, Jr.



*Only Jacob and Matthew are proven to be sons of John by wills and other deeds