John Brantley, Junior's land purchase

Joseph Sealy Junr of Nash Co, NC to John Brantley Junr of same, 6 May 1785, for 20 pounds specie, one tract or parcel of land on the south side of Jacob's Swamp, it being part of tract of land granted to sd Joseph Sealy Junr by the State of North Carolina by a deed bearing date 10 Nov 1779, Beginning at a pine in Jacob's Swamp thence west to a pine, thence along a Dividing line between Joseph Sealy Junr and Jacob Brantley siyth 45d West 105 pole to a red oak, thence south 191 pole to a black oak, thence East 160 pole to a pine in John Polin's line, then up the various courses of the said Swamp to the first station, containing 160 acres, be the same more or less.   Joseph (X) Selah (sic) Junr.   Wit:   Micajah Thomas, Mourning Ricks.   Nash County May Term 1785.   Wm Hall CC.   This is a true copy from Book C, page 42.


John Brantley, Senior's will