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Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning


When the evil forces of JINDRAX, TOXICA, and the MASTER ORG threaten the peaceful Animarum, PRINCESS SHAYLA and the POWER ANIMALS have to find the five chosen WILD FORCE RANGERS.  Join TAYLOR, DANNY, ALYSSA, and MAX as they embark on their journey to find COLE, the RED LION ZORD's chosen one, and battle the fiercest enemies on Power Rangers:  Wild Force!

RICARDO MEDINA, JR.  is the talented new actor who plays COLE, the RED WILD FORCE RANGER on the hit kids' T.V. show Power Rangers:  Wild Force. 

".....And as the Lion is King of the Jungle, so is his chosen Ranger.....the leader of the team...."

-Princess Shayla, Episode 3

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2/12/03- fixed some broken stuff
             deleted the site map

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Disclaimer:  I am not, nor do I personally know Ricardo Medina, Jr.  I'm simply just an adoring fan building a fansite.  I'm not making any profit off of this.  Ricardo's Realm was started on 4/13/02 by Jennifer Collins.

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