The best way to learn about the geography of old railway lines is to go out and explore them. Several Fife routes have been converted into official paths for walkers and cyclists (and even horses!). These are of course easily accessible to all. Off the beaten track, it is also possible to find old stretches of trackbed that aren't too difficult to navigate, even decades after closure. Many old lines are now completely overgrown, extremely boggy, or situated behind fences but much can be seen from the surrounding area. Old bridges make a particularly good viewpoint. Here are some suggested walks.


1. Lochore to Westfield.

Distance - 1 mile

Going - Easy. Route used for farm traffic and may be muddy in places.



This walk covers part of the mineral route which ran all the way from Dunfermline to Thornton, via Kelty and Lochore. The starting point is Loanhead Avenue Lochore. Bayne's Bakery is situated in this street. Just beyond the junction with Rosewell Drive, the housing scheme gives way to a rural landscape and a couple of official walking paths are signposted here. To access the railway trackbed, go through a metal farm gate and follow the route as shown on the above map. This is an easy walk and there are no obstacles to overcome. The path of the railway now appears to be used for farm access and it is simple to follow. After about a mile, the vegetation thickens, but you can squeeze through to the bridge under the B9097, where the tracks are still in place. Beyond the bridge is the former Westfield opencast plant, which until recently supplied Cockenzie power station with coal by rail.