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This web site is dedicated to the history of the early Gray Eagle period of Phan Rang Air Base.

My name is Don Taylor and I was stationed at Phan Rang in the late 1965 through November 1966 time period. Phan Rang is located on Vietnam’s South China Sea coast in a semi arid drought environment interrupted with occasional periods of heavy torrential rains. Phan Rang was not a new airfield for air operations. During World War II, the Japanese operated from a 3.500-foot runway then located on the present base. Later, the French used this same airstrip.

Phan Rang Air Base, Vietnam (Gray Eagle Cantonment Area) 1966
The area beyond the base is the US Army, 101st Airborne Division base camp.

Phan Rang Gray Eagle Cantonment Area.  Red Horse and Officer's Club (bottom), main cantonment area (center), Nui Dat hill (left), Bomb Dump (top), and RMK Base Contractor Quonsets (right).

(Photos courtesy of Joseph Dias, USAF, 366th/35th Combat Support Group)

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