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Friday, February 02, 2001
Bono Hints To USA Today, He Expects Audiences To Be "Very Physical"
As the start of US U2 tour gets closer, the tight lipped Bono is hinting at what he wants from his festival seating audience and its is just what many U2 fans and Crowd Management Strategies said was coming.---"Rock shows have always been a kind of positive riot," Bono told USA Today. MORE from

Tuesday, January 30, 2001
Answer and Win!
Here are some sites which offer tickets for the London Gig after answering some U2 related questions
Dot Music
Q Mag

Three more shows added in 1st leg:
A second Miami show (March 26th), a fourth Boston show (June 9th) and a stop in Hartford (June 3rd) are the latest additions to U2's upcoming North American tour. is Raging, He is Raging
'I still have what people might call a rage,' explains Bono, in a new band interview just published in the UK. 'Not a moral rage; I don't know quite where it comes from. it's just rage. I still always expect a hail of blows even when they're not there.' MORE>>

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