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PGE #2 2-6-2. 60Tons built by Baldwin Locomotive Works in 1910. Passenger cars on display.
A close up of old freight trucks A close up of some newer trucks.
PGE diesel 1600HP built in 1951 by Montreal Locomotive Works. Part of a work train with a speeder awaiting restoration in front.
A BC Electric electric engine, 20 tons built in 1949 by General Electric. Vancouver Wharves 80 Ton diesel built in 1947 by General Electric
PGE diesel, 65 tons built in 1948 by General Electric. tank car
Gondola. Outsde frame wood boxcar
PGE steel boxcar Flatcar
PGE Car Shop moved 1 mile to its present location. The largest timber building ever moved in tact. 2-8-2 built in 1929 by Baldwin Locomotive Works. Being restored inside the car shop.
FP7A built in 1952 by General Motors being restored FP7B built in 1953 by GM also being restored.
A Colonist Sleeper Car built by the CPR in 1905 to bring settlers to Western Canada. It is being restored in the car shops too. Another view of the restoration underway.
Along the side of a Great Northern diesel, model RS-1 built in 1951 by the American Locomotive Company The cab of the Alco.
A side view of the Alco. I sure like the color scheme. Pacific Great Eastern Caboose built in 1955.
A snowplow built in 1929 by Eastern Car Company My friend Ken, beside a CNR speeder.
The recently restored FA diesel.     Another look at it.   
The Royal Hudson. Dee and I with royalty.